WATCH: Nadine Lustre shows fierce, fun sides in ‘Showtime’ comeback


Posted at Jun 07 2019 06:47 PM

Nadine Lustre opens ‘It’s Showtime’ with back-to-back numbers on Friday. ABS-CBN

MANILA — Delighting viewers with a surprise “It’s Showtime” comeback, former mainstay Nadine Lustre took the stage with dance numbers showing her fierce and fun sides on Friday.

The actress was joined in the opening segment by winners of “BidaMan,” dancing to the tune of Sean Paul’s “No Lie.” Lustre, known for her sultry image and fashion, had the audience cheering with her energetic moves.

Mere minutes later, Lustre took on the challenge of “It’s Showtime” co-hosts to perform the viral “Mathematics Dance,” doing the humorous steps of forming arithmetic signs her arms.

Lustre’s guest performance on “It’s Showtime” is a preview of sorts of what to expect from her next major project — “Indak,” a dance film co-starring Sam Concepcion scheduled for release later this year.

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