How Ryan Agoncillo knew that Judy Ann Santos was 'the one'


Posted at Jun 05 2019 03:50 PM

MANILA – Ryan Agoncillo loves writing lengthy posts on social media where he narrates stories about their family that he intends to tell his children.

On Monday, Agoncillo made another #StoriesForLucho entry, this time reminiscing how he knew that Judy Ann Santos was already “the one.”

“I was maybe 26, Mom and I were only really starting to get to know each other. I’d pick her up from 1 of her movie sets, we’d ride a motorcycle thru fog and a thunderstorm just to hang. Not every girl would’ve liked it, Mom just giggled thru shivers, while we were sipping gas station coffees, soaked to the socks in the middle of nowhere,” he began.


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Agoncillo continued his story, saying Santos would sometimes even “drop in on me at the rock and roll club” he used to own just to offer to mix drinks and serve beer.

He said there was also this time when she helped fix set up at one of his photo shoots.

“While in the studio hallway talking shop with the fashion editor, Mom comes out, wearing mechanics gloves, all sweaty from adjusting the lights, telling me the set up was ready,” he said.

“I turned to face my editor, her mouth was just wide open, her jaw, we had to scrape off the floor. Apparently, her team had been trying to book her for a cover shoot for months already, and there she was, on a random morning fixing lights for the part time photographer,” he added.

At that time, Agoncillo said he’s had his heart broken enough times “to know that exciting times fade, I knew it was a must to also be comfortable in silences.”

He then went on with his story by relating the time Santos hit a very rough patch that she wanted to disappear for a few days to breathe.

“I took her to Lolo and Lola’s and they agreed that it was the best place for her to relax, undisturbed. She stayed, with one of her cousins, in my bedroom since I was 8. There wasn’t much, just a big mattress on the floor, a noisy A/C and a wonky CD player you had to whack to get thru old DMB records. I slept in my parents room, as I usually do when I’m home for the weekends,” he said.

“Probably the 2nd afternoon though, I was on the parquet floor, reading a paperback, your aunt had just quietly come in with 3 Frappuccinos, and Mom gets up from under the blankets and pillows,” he added.


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Agoncillo then shared the exact moment he knew Santos was destined to be his wife.

“There wasn’t much talk, but I do remember asking her with a sideways glance,’you cool with this?’ she said ‘with what?’ ‘this. this is how quiet and boring it gets with me too.’ She just sipped the frap, smiled, and went back to her nap. That’s when I knew Bud,” he said.

In April, Agoncillo and Santos celebrated their 10th anniversary as a married couple. They have three children, Yohan, Lucho and Luna.