KC Concepcion thinks sister Frankie can succeed in politics


Posted at May 26 2020 02:03 PM

MANILA – KC Concepcion may have a different version of family compared to most of us but this does not mean she does not have a close relationship with her sisters.

In an interview with Tim Yap for his YouTube channel, Concepcion shared that she’s always delighted to see her younger siblings open up and try to get out to create things.

“For me, there’s a lot of us because my version of family is very different than Frankie’s version of family or Cloie’s version of family. But all of my siblings are my siblings,” she said.

Talking about Frankie specifically, Concepcion said she is really impressed by how her sister is able to express herself through writing.

In fact, Concepcion admitted she sometimes thinks Frankie would be a perfect fit for politics.

“She writes novels. She writes songs. She loves the indie scene too. Whichever direction she might go… sometimes I see her and I’m like, ‘Girl, you can be in politics the way you express yourself.’ There are things she’s able to say that I would never be able to say,” she said.

Concepcion said it makes her happy because in a different way, Frankie is “finding herself and finding her true identity.”

“I always say, I am your Ate. I am not a perfect Ate but if ever they come to me, I will always impart whatever it is I can, based on experience,” she said.

Meanwhile, Concepcion also talked about her two other sisters with her dad Gabby Concepcion – Garie and Cloie.

“When I see Garie singing and just doing her YouTube, when I see her performing on stage losing herself, 'yung hindi siya conscious and she’s fully 100% committed to her song, I love watching her when she’s like that. She knows her range. She knows her love for music. I love seeing that,” she said.

Concepcion shared that she and Garie are in constant communication, noting that she loves the latter’s openness.

Concepcion is also very proud of her Cloie, who lives in Sweden.

“She’s an entrepreneur at heart. She’s happy with her boyfriend and she’s living the life there. She’s very safe and comfortable there,” she said.

In the end, whatever profession her sisters take on, Concepcion said she loves watching them grow up.

“Our age gap is so big so at some point, I just observe. I don’t get involved. But it’s nice to see people come out of their shell,” she said.