WATCH: Tears flow as Angel reunites with Eula on 'General's Daughter'


Posted at May 22 2019 11:43 AM

Tears flowed in the Monday episode of “The General’s Daughter” which saw Rhian (Angel Locsin) finally reuniting with Corazon (Eula Valdez) after finding out that she is her biological mother.

During the emotion-packed moment, Corazon rushed to wrap Rhian around her arms upon seeing that her daughter was safe and sound.

As the two share a tight embrace, Marcial (Albert Martinez) likewise gets emotional seeing his wife and daughter together again.

Jessie (Ryza Cenon), on the other hand, was obviously unable to hide her jealousy knowing that she now has to share her adoptive parents with Rhian.

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The emotional scene moved a lot of viewers of “The General’s Daughter,” earning the actors fresh raves for their convincing performances.

In fact, it catapulted “The General’s Daughter” as one of the top trending topics on Twitter in the Philippines Monday night.

“The General’s Daughter,” which has been billed as the “biggest teleserye” of 2019, follows Rhian as she navigates a double life as a sleeper agent in the military whose assassination target, unknown to her, is Marcial, her own father.