Baron Geisler accused of physical abuse anew


Posted at May 16 2019 12:14 PM


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MANILA – Another woman who was allegedly in a relationship with Baron Geisler has accused the actor of physical abuse. 

This after Geisler claimed in a now deleted post on social media that he never hurt anyone.

"Excuse me. Never ako nanakit. Puro alleged harassment that cost me millions," said Geisler on Twitter as shown by a screen capture provided by his supposed ex-girlfriend, Karen Anne Tolosa.

Obviously disagreeing with the claim, Tolosa replied to Geisler's tweet and said: "Are you sure? Or are you delusional? Or do you need me to remind you of reality? Stop lying to people. It's sick."

Tolosa also took to Facebook to narrate how the actor allegedly hurt her more than a year ago.

"One year and three months ago, you almost killed me. I let you walk, di kita pinakulong, di kita kinasuhan. I gave you a chance and the benefit of the doubt because you were 'changing your life.' Clearly, you didn't learn anything at all. You are not the victim here, Baron Geisler. It’s time you own up to the truth and face it," she said.

She accompanied her post with photos showing bruises which were allegedly caused by the actor.


Entertainment website PEP reached out to Tolosa, who confirmed that her recent posts were triggered by Geisler's statement. 

"He can't cover up the truth with lies. Masyado niya pinapaniwala 'yung mga tao na nagbago na siya. Kung nagbago ka talaga, 'wag kang magsinungaling, di ba?" she told PEP.

"I'm all for changes and chances, but I don't believe he deserves it, or at the very least, has earned it. Let this serve as a warning and an eye-opener to everyone," she added.

According to Tolosa, she and the actor were in a relationship in 2012 and they became friends in 2018 when she was "helping him with his sobriety."

PEP likewise reached out to Geisler for comment but the actor only reportedly replied with a link to an article titled, "5 Truths To Remember When Everything Seems To Be Going Wrong."