Bea asked: Who among your past leading men is the sexiest?


Posted at May 15 2018 01:18 PM

Bea Alonzo is probably one of the few actresses who doesn’t need a love team partner in order to have hits. Her acting talent ensures that she could shine no matter who she gets paired with.

Nonetheless, Alonzo has always been grateful to all her leading men, and has refused to take sole credit for their work.

Since she’s had numerous onscreen partners, Alonzo took on the “Name that Leading Man” challenge when she appeared on “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Monday.

The actress was asked to name who among her past leading men is the most forgetful when it comes to movie lines, as well the one who she didn’t want to work with before.

She also answered who among them always smells good and who she finds the sexiest, among others.

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Alonzo is currently promoting her movie “Kasal,” also starring Derek Ramsay and Paulo Avelino.

Directed by Ruel Bayani, the Star Cinema film will open in theaters nationwide on Wednesday, May 16.