WATCH: Piolo Pascual on passion for acting in 'virtual roundtable' with fellow Asian actors


Posted at May 05 2020 01:17 AM


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MANILA — Entering showbiz, Piolo Pascual was motivated purely by the need to earn.

Only later on did he develop a passion for acting, he revealed in a virtual roundtable on Monday with fellow actors from Asia.

Pascual, now considered the foremost leading man in local showbiz with a career spanning 25 years, was among the guests of the May 5 episode of the online fundraiser "Extend the Love Cinema: Actor's Cue".

Pascual, 43, was joined by Rhydian Vaughan of Taiwan and Nicholas Saputra of Indonesia, with Filipino filmmaker Adolfo Alix, Jr. as moderator.

The roundtable tackled a range of topics, from the actor's showbiz beginnings, their process on set, memorable filmmaking moments, to their sources of inspiration for their craft.

"Cinema, for me, growing up, was a like a dream, a fantasy," Pascual said, when asked for his perception of filmmaking prior to being part of the industry.


"It was something that's unreal. It was larger than life, something bigger than your imagination. That's how it was for me back then. Growing up, that was my exposure, but when I became an actor, everything changed, because it became my work," he added.
Now a multi-awarded actor, Pascual admitted that he wasn't initially serious about the craft. It was all about money, at least in the beginning.

"My motivation was just to really earn and work. When I was young, I was really shy, I was really insecure. It was hard for me to enter the business. But it was something I wanted to do to get something done," he said.

"When I became an actor, it became serious. That's when I realized it has got to be passion that is driving you. It can't be just about work. You have to give it your best, you have to give it your 100%," Pascual said.

The nearly two-hour stream was held as a donation platform for displaced film workers amid the coronavirus crisis. As of May 4, the program Extend the Love Cinema has already raised nearly P160,000.