LOOK: Kuya Kim scores photo with 'Goblin' star


Posted at May 05 2017 07:58 PM


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Becoming the envy of K-drama fans everywhere, TV host "Kuya Kim" Atienza scored a photo with "Goblin" star Gong Yoo.

The "Matanglawin" host brushed shoulders with Yoo in Hong Kong, where the Korean actor held a fan meet Friday afternoon. 

He posted a photo of them together on Instagram with the caption: "Walang photoshop at edit. Lakas ng loob tibay ng dibdib." 

Anne Curtis, who is open about her crush on the K-drama star, was also present at the fan meet but was unable to get a photo herself. 

She said on Twitter: "Diba? Ang sakit sakit sa heart ng selfie ni Kuya Kim? Durog ung puso ko girls."

"Pero the moment I saw him walk through the doors in all white. My, bawi na ang lahat! Never had I imagined I would see him in person". 


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A post shared by Anne Curtis (@annecurtissmith) on

For weeks, Atienza has been teasing Curtis about him being dubbed (albeit in jest) as the Filipino version of Yoo. 

When Curtis congratulated Yoo for winning an acting award for his work on "Goblin," Atienza replied: "You're welcome." 

A Tagalog-dubbed version of "Goblin," a fantasy series about a man cursed to live forever, will begin airing on ABS-CBN starting Monday after "A Love To Last."