These 2 celebs show how to deal with bashers of swimsuit photos


Posted at Apr 19 2019 02:06 PM | Updated as of Apr 19 2019 02:25 PM

MANILA – If you are being criticized over your swimsuit photos this summer, you may want to take a page from these two young celebrities.

Barbie Imperial received comments about her breasts from some of her Instagram followers as she shared a photo of her in a bikini on Thursday.


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“Bakit parang hindi pantay?” one of them asked, prompting others to make malicious remarks about the actress.

Imperial eventually took to Twitter to make fun of the situation as she asked why having uneven breasts is such a huge deal. 

This drew laughs from her fans and other netizens, who showed their support for the actress.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user gave unsolicited advice to Lorin Gutierrez, daughter of actress-model Ruffa Gutierrez, after seeing a photo of the teen in a bikini.


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Lorin was told to “cover up” her body and “reserve it” for someone special.

The young Gutierrez was not having any of it, and she replied politely: “My body doesn’t belong to anyone else apart from me po. That means if I want to show it off, as long as my family is okay with it (which they are), then I will.”

She went on: “Girls should be able to choose whether they want to be more conservative or showy depending on what they feel comfortable with, not for a ‘special na tao’ because that special person, whoever they may be, doesn’t own me and should be okay with me being confident in my own skin. If they aren’t, then they aren’t special to me.”

Lorin then stressed that she will not cover her body for anyone else and “will continue to do what makes me happy and confident.”

“I encourage everyone else to do the same, whatever that may mean for them. Thanks for your input, though,” she ended, addressing the netizen.