'Greatest Love': Stroke leaves Gloria on the brink of death


Posted at Apr 19 2017 06:38 PM

(From left to right: Paeng (Arron Villaflor), Andrei (Matt Evans), Amanda (Dimples Romana), and Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) pray after their mother suffers a stroke. The Greatest Love

MANILA - There was a particularly gut-wrenching moment in Wednesday's episode of "The Greatest Love" in which Gloria's children, hands held, prayed together in a chapel after their mother suffered a near-fatal stroke.

When faced with the reality of Gloria's impending death, the Alegre kids found solace in their religion and each other. Their only wish is that she dies knowing she is surrounded by family.

"Sana alam niya sa mga huling sandali ng buhay niya ay kasama niya kami, pamilya niya -- buo kami para sa kanya," said the eldest Amanda, played by Dimples Romana.

In the weeks leading up to the finale this Friday, Gloria is shown to have been reduced to a stammering victim of Alzheimer's. Her latest stroke manages to cripple her further, leaving her paralyzed, unable to see properly and speak.

Her kids then is given two choices: keep her in life support, prolonging the inevitable; or take her home from the hospital and accept that they cannot save her. Amanda decides the latter is for the best.

This does not sit well with Andrei, Gloria's gay son. Andrei is particularly close to his mother, grateful that she allowed him to be himself rather than try to sway him from being gay.

Matt Evans shines in this scene, portraying a devastated son struggling with the harsh truth presented by his sister: "Kailangan na natin tanggapin na hindi na magiging okay si mama."

The episode closes with Amanda signing papers and Andrei in tears.

On Twitter, the show was the most talked about topic while it was airing, with many saying that it left them heartbroken as it doesn't sugarcoat the pain of losing a mother.

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