'Yes, adventurous type ako': Julia Montes tries out dirt biking


Posted at Apr 14 2018 08:24 PM

She doesn't come across as the freewheeling type who loves to go on fun, crazy trips in search of adventure and thrills. But that's exactly who Julia Montes is, as fans found out Friday. 

On Instagram, the "Asintado" star posted a photo of her feeling elated after trying out dirt biking. 

"I was thinking of really doing it as my thing. Whatcha think?" she asked fans, before adding that she would love to practice jumping obstacles the next time she hops on her bike.

"My next goal - makapagpatalon sa obstacles," she wrote. 

Funnily, expecting her followers to be surprised by her outgoing side, Montes also said: "Yes! Adventurous type ako. Hindi lang talaga halata dahil 'di ako pala-post." 

Based on her Instagram page, the last time she did anything remotely risky was in October last year when she rode an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) through a sand dune. 

She also went hiking and scuba diving a month before that. 


Every accomplishment starts with the DECISION to TRY... #JMyway #JMtravels

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