Why Iza Calzado decided to freeze her eggs


Posted at Apr 12 2019 12:06 PM | Updated as of Apr 12 2019 12:21 PM


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MANILA -- Iza Calzado opened up about her decision to freeze her eggs in a television interview aired Friday.

In an interview on ANC's "Headstart" hosted by Karen Davila, the 36-year-old actress said it is something she has discussed "early on" with her husband, British entrepreneur Ben Wintle.

"I do want to experience the process once, at least. I said I will commit to one baby, and let's take it from there," she said.

Calzado went on to share that she is also open to the idea of surrogacy.

She said she considers freezing eggs "a very powerful move" for women like her who are not yet ready to have children.

"We have frozen [eggs]... I'm going to keep banking... I have one here but I might try to do it in the States or somewhere where I can prepare for a possible surrogacy in the future," she said.

"I think it's (freezing eggs) a very powerful move for women who know deep in their hearts that they don't want to have kids early on," she added. "I wish that I froze my eggs when I was younger."

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While she is not yet ready to have kids, Calzado admitted that she wants to experience getting pregnant at least once: "Because siguro it comes from being an actor also. I want to understand it, and I feel like I will never fully understand it until I go through it." 

"I feel that going through that will make me understand how human I am," she continued. "It will challenge me and it will bring out a better version of me. But I just don't know if I can keep doing it, that's why I'm preparing."

Calzado made a guest appearance on "Headstart" with "It's Showtime" host Karylle to promote their digital film, "Mystified."