'Ayaw ko na!' Xian's vlog captures hilarious moment with Kim


Posted at Apr 05 2018 05:12 PM

She had the time of her life. He was shouting, "Ayaw ko na!" 

Xian Lim filmed himself screaming uncontrollably as he rode on a roller coaster with Kim Chiu at South Korea's Everland theme park. 

The cute video, uploaded Wednesday, showed him (starting at the 7:14 mark in the video below) expressing how nervous he was at the peak of the T Express, considered to be one of the steepest wooden roller coasters in the world. 

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Chiu was trying to ease his tension, telling him to hold on tightly to the grab bars. But his fears were realized at the first sharp drop. 

As the ride descended and took more than just a few twists and turns, Lim let out several loud screams and at one point was even caught shouting, "Ayaw ko na!" 

In contrast, Chiu was laughing the whole time. She even took her hands off the grab bars to do a pair of finger heart gestures while saying, "annyeonghaseyo" -- a standard greeting in Korean. 

"Wala na akong boses," Lim admitted after they got off the ride. 

The clip was part of the vlog Lim posted documenting their trip to South Korea during the Holy Week break. They were also seen visiting the famous Nami Island and trying out traditional Korean outfits.