'I'm so sorry, I love you': Nadine tells James after beating him in Tekken 7


Posted at Mar 20 2019 01:33 AM | Updated as of Mar 20 2019 09:17 AM


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Nadine Lustre is known for a lot of things --as an actress, a singer, a music video director. She has even modeled for a few brands, appeared in magazine covers, and started her own perfume line. 

But perhaps not a lot of people know that she considers herself a gamer, too. That side of her took center stage over the weekend when she and her boyfriend appeared at a gaming event. 

There, she flexed her Tekken know-how and beat James Reid when they went head-to-head in the popular fighting game. 

She handily won, closing the game out, three rounds to one (skip to the 54:16 mark in the video below to watch it)


In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Lustre talked about the side of her she rarely gets to bring out to the spotlight, saying that she'll happily support the fast-growing local eSports scene. 

"I play a lot of console games before so this is really close to me." she said of live video game events. 

Reid, in the same interview, reminisced about the first ever console he owned -- a Nintendo 64. He also praised the Filipino players who are competing at the top level, describing them as "really intelligent." 

He explained that video games takes a lot of "strategy and dexterity," and that he has nothing but respect for players.