Antoinette Taus in hospital after dog attack


Posted at Mar 04 2019 11:27 PM


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MANILA — Actress Antoinette Taus remained hospitalized on Monday after a dog attack resulted in multiple injuries on her forearm, thigh, and breast.

On Facebook, Taus shared photos of her left forearm, which underwent a two-hour surgery, while bandages were being changed.

According to Taus, the incident happened on Saturday evening at a family wedding in Baguio. The dog, a chow chow, also bit her left thigh and right breast.

Referring to the bite marks on her arm, Taus said, “There was some fat hanging out of the wound and I could even see the tendon in my wrist.”

“Luckily,” she added, “there’s no permanent damage and no arteries or nerves were harmed.”


“I don’t mean to worry anyone, but I just wanted to give a proper update for those concerned. I have some events and meetings lined up this week and I sincerely apologize for not being able to attend to work for now. Praying for a speedy recovery and deeply grateful to the amazing doctors and nurses that have been so wonderful in taking care of me since I arrived,” she said.

Taus went on to give advice to potential pet owners.

“For those thinking of getting a dog, I have been told that chow chow’s are the number one breed known to be involved dog bite cases. I am an animal lover and my natural instincts wouldn’t allow me to harm the dog that was attacking me. He is perfectly fine. But I am definitely traumatized most especially by the chow chow breed,” she said.

“Before buying expensive breeds, please give some thought to adopting dogs. Some parts of the US don’t allow dogs to be purchased in pet stores any longer. Please do consider adoption and give abandoned dogs a chance,” Taus wrote.