WATCH: Tanya Markova teams up with viral dancer Dante Gulapa in rock fest


Posted at Mar 02 2019 07:42 PM | Updated as of Mar 03 2019 07:41 AM

It was his stuttering, hip-gyrating dance, where he made it appear like his viewers were watching a glitchy, old video game, that earned Dante Gulapa his piece of the Internet fame pie.

On Friday, it also landed the 39-year-old, who admittedly had to work before as a macho dancer to feed his family, a spot on the stage in the local rock music festival, Rakrakan Festival 2019.

The band Tanya Markova brought him out during their set and had him dance to their songs. A video clip posted on the festival's Facebook page saw him and the band doing his famed eagle pose.


Gulapa rose to fame when people started editing his video, where he was showcasing his dance while at home, to make it look like he was dancing to different songs.

It became viral, even earning Gulapa an interview on a TV show.

There, he emotionally talked about how he paid off their debts by working as a macho dancer.