'World of Dance': 3 more groups clinch slot in next round


Posted at Feb 24 2019 09:17 PM

MANILA -- Three more dance acts secured a slot in the next round following the second installment of the duel rounds of "World of Dance Philippines" Sunday.

According to the rules of the competition, the highest scoring acts from the audition get to pick their opponents. They will then both perform onstage, with the judges determining who gets to stay in the contest after.

The first to go on stage was Dance Mate Xtreme, who received the highest score in the qualifiers for the Team division.

They went against FMD Xtreme, a group they looked up to.

Dance Mate Xtreme stuck to their powerful hip-hop performance peppered with stunts, while FMD Xtreme upped their energy and teamwork for their duels performance.

Dance Mate Xtreme clinched a lot in the next round with 95.3 points, ahead of FMD Xtreme's 88 points.

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For the Upper division, Asaf Goren went against Zyro Santos.

The two contestants, who are both soloists, also have similar dance styles.

Goren received an average score of 95 points, eliminating Santos who only got 83.7 points.

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The tide turned in the Junior division, after highest scorer GTweens failed to move on in the next round.

The trio battled it out with duo Kristique.

Despite giving their best, GTweens received only 89.7 points, while Kristique received 93.7 points.

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On Saturday's episode, Davnor JC Duo, Crossover and B2WIN earned the first three slots in the next round.

"World of Dance Philippines" airs Saturdays after "Home Sweetie Home" and Sundays after "Wansapanataym."