WATCH: First trailer for Nadine Lustre's 'Ulan' is both creepy and 'kilig'-worthy


Posted at Feb 08 2019 07:10 PM | Updated as of Feb 08 2019 08:43 PM

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The first trailer for "Ulan" is basically split into two halves.

The first half explains to us viewers how Nadine Lustre's character, Maya, grew up to hold a pessimist view on rain -- that it reminds her of failed love and loneliness, among other depressing things.

On the other hand, the latter end presents a bit of sunshine in the form of Carlo Aquino, who plays an apparent idealist whose goal in life is to help fill the world with love.

This contrast is meant to highlight the way rain is mostly perceived -- a blessing and a curse depending on one's situation.

As Maya learned early on, rain brings nothing but bad luck to her. Images of her alone, waiting for the rain to stop so that she could get home, and her seeing her classmates as raindrops signal that she did not have the best of memories associated with rain.

It also reminds her of broken promises. The urban legend goes that sunshowers meant that a pair of tikbalang (a half-horse, half-man creature from local folklore) are getting married.

She used to think that this meant, rather beautifully, that love can overcome anything, even the heavens that brought forth rain to try and stop the wedding from happening.

This innocent perspective of her is shattered once the "tikbalang" couple she met fell out of love with one another.

Enter Aquino's character, who tells her to stop blaming the rain for the bad things that happen to her.

The latter half of the trailer is filled with scenes of Maya smiling again, thanks to their chance meeting. Coincidentally, they met while it was raining and they were both stuck under a waiting shed.

The trailer ends, though, with a stern warning for her: "Balang araw, masasaktan ka, Maya."

"Ulan" is directed by Irene Villamor, the same director behind "Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story" -- one of 2018's surprise hits.

It also stars Marco Gumabao and AJ Muhlach and has been given a March 13 release date.