‘Hugot’ tweets from ‘Nadine’ are going viral; fans clarify messages’ origin


Posted at Jan 24 2020 08:05 PM


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MANILA — In the days following the confirmation of the breakup of Nadine Lustre and James Reid, “hugot” tweets have made the rounds on social media.

The short statements about heartbreak and moving on appear to draw sympathy from Twitter users, or at least resonate with them, going by the posts getting thousands of likes and retweets.

“If I change, it’s for myself,” was one such tweet from the account @JustNadsLustre, that was published a day after the Lustre and Reid released their joint statement about the separation.

Another tweet from the same page that similarly went viral, went: “He made you special while secretly flirting with someone else. Nice.”

That statement alluded to the rumors that a third party caused the breakup, which have since been debunked by Lustre and Reid.

“People get tired of me and leave,” @JustNadsLustre also tweeted to its 54,000 followers. “They didn’t know that I’m tired too, but I chose to stay.”

With the name “Nadine Lustre” and a profile image showing the actress, the Twitter account also claimed to be newly made “to clarify that there’s really no third-party involved in our breakup.”

Lustre’s long-time fans, however, knew better than to fall for the fake page, as they started started a hashtag to inform others that #NadineHasNoTwitterAccount.

As of Friday night, the hashtag was the No. 1 trending topic in the Philippines.

The hashtag was used to urge users to report “posers” of Lustre, or those who claim to be the actress on Twitter, so that those pages would be deactivated.

A similar spread of fake tweets from an account posing as Bea Alonzo happened last year, following the actress’ breakup with Gerald Anderson. As in the case here, the account was exposed, too, as a poser.