WATCH: Liza finally answers ‘I love sinigang’ meme with taste test challenge


Posted at Jan 17 2019 09:42 PM

Liza Soberano takes on a sinigang taste test challenge, with the help of her ‘Alone/Together’ co-star Enrique Gil. Black Sheep

Yes, Liza Soberano is aware of being once the subject of jokes after she defended the casting of “Bagani” by declaring her love for sinigang — and now she, and her co-star in the fantaserye, Enrique Gil, are embracing the meme with humor.

Leading up to the March 2018 premiere of “Bagani,” which was inspired by Philippine mythology and folklore, Soberano addressed criticisms over the lead stars being partly of foreign descent.

Soberano is half-American, while Gil is part Spanish.

The cast of ‘Bagani,’ led by Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano. Star Creatives

“And who says we’re not Pinoy?” Soberano said at the time. “My father is full Filipino. I was raised by two Filipinos since the age of 4. I love sinigang [and] I think that’s as Pinoy as Pinoy can get.”

Soberano’s tweet spurred a meme portraying or imagining situations were Filipinos prove their citizenship with the help of sinigang.

Nearly a year since, Soberano appears to have fully embraced the sinigang association, as she ran with the joke and sat down for a blind taste test of different kinds of the Filipino favorite dish.

“I’m Liza Soberano, and I love sinigang,” she said in the opening seconds of the challenge — which is part of the promotional cycle of Black Sheep’s “Alone/Together,” her upcoming film with Gil set to be released on February 13.

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Reminiscent of her viral “What’s in the Box” challenge, Soberano again wore a blindfold, but this time she’s assisted by Gil, who fed her five kinds of sinigang.

Soberano correctly guessed four out of the five, prompting Gil to quip, “Now you guys know how much Liza loves sinigang!”