WATCH: Mariel Padilla cries as subject of motherhood comes up


Posted at Jan 08 2019 10:20 PM

Mariel Padilla cries as she talks about motherhood on ‘It’s Showtime.’ ABS-CBN

For Mariel Padilla, there’s no fulfillment that can compare with motherhood — a topic that had her in tears during the live episode of “It’s Showtime” on Tuesday.

The subject came up during the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” segment, when a contestant, a mother, earned praise from Padilla’s co-host, Vice Ganda.

The comedian likened the two mothers, sharing that Padilla usually goes home immediately once “It’s Showtime” is finished.

“Bura agad ng makeup ‘yan, ta’s takbo na siya pauwi. Hindi mo na siya maaaya. Time niya na ‘yun para sa kanyang mag-ama,” Vice Ganda said.

Mariel Padilla has a 2-year-old daughter with husband Robin Padilla. Instagram: @marieltpadilla

Padilla and her husband, action star Robin Padilla, have one daughter together, 2-year-old Isabella. Prior, she had two miscarriages.

Padilla said her family has changed her priorities, such that the first consideration when given job offers is, “Is it really necessary?”

“Is it worth it? Because it is time away from my baby. Kasi araw-araw tayo nagta-trabaho, kailangan din naman na meron tayong family time. Lalo na lumalaki sila. Hindi na mauulit,” she said.

Padilla started shedding tears when she agreed with the contestant that being a mother can be one’s greatest fulfillment.

Watch the emotional moment below:

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