Nicko Falcis thanks Gretchen Barretto for her support


Posted at Jan 08 2019 02:03 PM

MANILA - Nicko Falcis, Kris Aquino's ex-business partner whom she has accused of stealing more than P1 million from her, took to social media to thank Gretchen Barretto for expressing her support for him.

On Instagram, Falcis said he and Barretto do not know each other personally so to have her rallying behind him “is such a blessing along with thousands of well meaning messages of strength and support from random people.”

“Thank you, Ms Gretchen Barreto for your post. Her act of posting this message in open support of my family and I, and against the seemingly formidable Aquino machinery, was a brave and bold move she made,” he said.

He then went on to share how he finds Barretto after reading her other posts on social media and watching her YouTube videos.

“She is intelligent, refined and articulate but I never thought that she would be capable of going out of her comfort zone to write such a post. Salamat po! No to bullies! No to power tripping,” he said.

On Instagram Saturday, Barretto showed an article that detailed the death threats Falcis allegedly received from Aquino's camp.

She wrote that she "felt" for Falcis and she salutes him for fighting for his reputation despite the threats, calling for an end to "bullies" and to "stop power tripping!"