LDR? How to stay in touch without breaking the bank


Posted at Dec 18 2017 11:49 AM

MANILA - The roughly 10 million Filipinos working abroad can rely on their innate money smarts to keep in touch with their families and lovers back home without breaking the bank.

Globe Telecom international business group vice president Carmina Velayo shared with ANC's On the Money some tips on how to save money while maintaining close relationships.

"There are so many ways that you can make the most of the hard-earned money that you have," Velayo said. 'It's very affordable now to stay in touch.


Overseas Filipinos should look for the partner carriers of the ones their loved ones are using back home to secure the best rates, Velayo said.

Some foreign carriers offer $3 for 100 minutes of voice calls per month or $10 for 1,000 minutes, she said.

"When you hear the voice of your children or your wife, may kurot sa puso," she said.

(When you hear the voice of your children or your wife. It tugs at your heartstrings.)

Velasco said voice calls are cheaper now and the rates are no longer dependent on the time of day, though calls during weekends can be cheaper compared to weekdays.


Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messenger offer both text and video calling. Some countries however, like in the Middle East, disable video calls, Velayo said.

Globe offers Facebook Messenger for free in the Philippines, Velayo said. It also has data plan bundles for Viber, which is popular in the country.


Filipinos settling into their new jobs abroad should ask their compatriots about the best carrier to use to communicate back home, Velayo said.

This is important as not all foreign carriers offer the same rates.

"Filipinos are madiskarte (smart). One of the things we do is look for other Filipinos, what service to use," Velayo said.


Velayo recommends using rewards points accumulated by subscribers over time to augment the budget for data and calls.

Aside from fastfood meals and rebates on their bill, carriers can trade their points for data allocation that they can use for chats and internet calling.