Business Mentor: From food server to restaurant entrepreneur

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Nov 02 2019 08:03 AM

When one door closes, a window opens. I believe that as long as we’re alive, we are given infinite chances to start all over to make our lives better. This is exactly what happened to this very inspiring entrepreneur.
Germaine Quitain is the owner of 2 popular stores in San Pablo City, Adobo Mix Plate. They became an instant hit with their fusion of Filipino and Korean dishes.

Business was not part of Germaine’s goals when she was still in her early 20s. She was working with a chain of restaurants outside their province where she started as a food server and was later to General Manager.

She was planning to work abroad to earn more. However, she resigned from her job to prioritize being a single parent.
It was a scary move since she did not have enough savings. However, a year after her resignation, she found a home-based job that helped her with their needs.

Having saved some money, she decided to put up a small business in partnership with her friend – a Remittance and Payment Center. The business however was not successful. She lost her savings, along with the money that she borrowed from her parents.

She thought about going back to her previous company even if this meant getting a lower position, just to make ends meet.

Fortunately, her parents offered to help her put up a restaurant, despite it being a high-risk business.

She was worried, at first, because they used to have a similar business, which closed after just 3 months. Germaine blamed herself for its failure because she often left the restaurant in the care of helpers. She was young then, and her mind was not in the business.

But this time, she wanted to succeed.

Germaine still had a lot of doubts. She was not sure if she could handle all the pressures and stresses that go along with being an entrepreneur. The fear of failure was haunting her.

Then she thought of a concept restaurant, the Adobo Mix Plate. They started serving Filipino dishes with the help of her mother and a chef friend. They wanted to offer a different kind of dining experience by adding a Korean twist on the usual Filipino dishes.
Before she was able to perfect the dishes, she went through a lot of hardships, disappointments, and even thought of giving up. But these challenges just made her stronger.

Eventually, the business became successful. A second branch was opened in just under 2 years.

The way to success is a rough and narrow road. But only those who persevere and have faith in themselves come out victorious in the end. All the disappointments and struggles that a persevering entrepreneur go through just ignites the passion of these entrepreneurs.

What does Germain say whenever she feels like giving up?

“It gives me hope and strength to just push. To fight and be able to see the great future ahead of Adobo Mix Plate. Starting a business is hard, operating is harder, stability is the hardest. But we are still pushing ourselves to improve and to be known around the globe, with the help of my family and God.”

To be the best entrepreneur, you need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills and be prepared to meet the risks and challenges that go with the territory.

To be successful is to accept the challenge and let everyone know that you did your best and you definitely deserve that spot on top.


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