Business Mentor: Why old-school business owners should embrace technology

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Oct 19 2019 10:00 AM | Updated as of Oct 19 2019 05:44 PM

Second or third generation business owners often need to convince their parents or grandparents who started the business about the importance of technology. But it’s not always easy to convince them.

Using technology can greatly increase business productivity. Some “old-school” business owners rely on the usual type of advertising for their business. But now, these same things can be achieved with just a click.

Some old people are just afraid to use technology, thinking it is too complicated. It may be true if you dig into the real technical side, but we don’t all need to learn that. Business owners just need to know how technology can best help their business and manage it smoothly.

Management Software is a very useful tool for any salon owner. This provides ease in booking appointments as well as managing their clients’ information. Manually jotting down all the information may take time and even create confusion. But with management software, scheduling is done automatically. A business owner/operator is alerted a day before a client has set an appointment.

Businesses should use software to help increase sales. Automation of business transactions speeds up work.

Choosing the right people to work on your customized software is important.

Almost everyone is now connected to the web. When you decide to have your own website, make sure it is clearly viewable on any kind of device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Business owners can also earn when people download their apps. Different kinds of services are possible through apps. You just need to find a great mobile app developer who can turn your idea into reality so you can start earning more for your business.

Sometimes, some of the people you need to talk to cannot be together in one, so online collaboration is key. You don’t need to wait for the right day for everyone is at the office. There are apps that allow all of you to communicate in real-time. One of the best online collaboration software is Mikogo. This is commonly used for web presentation, sales demo and web conferencing.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) refers to the “strategies and techniques that a company use in order to better manage and analyze customer interactions with the end goal of improving business relationships with customers, aid in customer retention and to encourage more customers to believe in the company and patronize their products”.

With CRM software, business owners are able to track what goes in and out of their business, store client information, schedule sending of billing statements and compile strategies, future plans for the company.

There are apps that let people instantly book their lunch or dinner. Some of these apps offer discounted rates depending on the time of the day. Some fast-food restaurants have started their own apps, which allow you to order what you want and have it delivered right to your doorstep. Imagine how much time consumers are able to save. It’s a huge hurrah for business owners! They no longer have to rely on walk-in customers, but can now take online booking and delivery.

Some software programs are useful in tracking down the progress of employees, which makes it possible for the company to know if one is working as expected or not. This software aids in assessing if one employee needs to be transferred to a different department either for promotion or check which department an employee can work more effectively in.


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