Business Mentor: Tips on becoming an effective leader

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Aug 10 2019 07:59 AM

An entrepreneur must be an effective leader. He needs to motivate employees to reach goals.

Employees need someone they can look up to and trust; someone who can inspire them.

So, how do you become a 5-star leader? Here are a few tips.

Enhance communication

No relationship can survive without communication, and this includes your relationship with your employees. Let your employees feel that you are someone that they can reach out to when they need you.

Just make it clear that there are boundaries, as well. Be clear with the message that you are there for them, but to also always keep in mind that you are their boss.

Know your subordinates

A good way to know your employees is by having some time out with them through company outings. When you do this, your employees may feel more confident to let out what they want to tell you. They feel that their needs are also heard.

Encourage your employees to speak their mind

Your employees may also have a few ideas on how to improve the services of the company. Let them speak out. Listen to what they have to say. Who knows? One of your employees may have a really great idea which can work out for your company.

Focus on the good rather on the bad

Mistakes happen. But instead of berating your workers, try to see how these mistakes can be avoided. Refrain from making the workplace uncomfortable for your employees.

When you burst with frustration over the smallest things, your employees will feel discouraged. When they don’t feel stressed, employees tend to work more efficiently.

Be clear, but not harsh

You want to be understood all the time. Don’t leave your employees wondering how you want things to be done. Stop making them guess what you’re thinking.

Tell them what you want, when you want the things done. Provide positive feedback when an employee performs more than you have expected.

If an employee happens to have some shortcomings, have a good talk with the employee. You will be amazed at the results when you look at the output.

Set goals

Let your employees know that they need to hit a certain target so they know which direction to go. Make it a habit to have a monthly review of each employee’s performance so that you can be able to recognize the exemplary performances of deserving employees.

Never neglect the importance of building a good relationship with the people that work for you. You need the help of others to become successful. You cannot always make things happen on your own. After all, no man is an island.

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