Ignite 2018 gathers startups, investors for collaborations


Posted at Jul 17 2018 05:40 PM

Emerging and established businesses converge in Ignite 2018.George Calvelo, ABS-CBN News

Now on its second year of celebrating ideas that call for collaboration, Ignite 2018 underscored the Philippines' potential for investments and startups.

Keynote speakers Paul Papadimitriou, founder of Intelligencr; Ramses Gallego, Symantec strategist and IE Business School professor; and Barbara Guerpillon, head of Unilever Foundry SEAA addressed an audience composed of startups, corporations, and investors.

The speakers underlined the theme of innovation and change, highlighting how acceleration and technology are key factors in the startup community and venture capitalism.

Papadimitriou urged participants to think global from day one. He also advised startups to "find your fire."

Guerpillon, meanwhile, pointed out that the best ideas may not always come from the four walls of any corporation and advised 'corporates' to look outside. To startups, she said it is important to understand scale and to have patience.

In breakout sessions after the keynote speeches, other international speakers also shared their experiences and learnings about their chosen fields of business, giving a glimpse into what entrepreneurs could face in the future.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News on the sidelines of Ignite 2018, dentsuX executive director Kazuo Koike said investors "don't invest in the Philippines mainly," and said he hopes to change that through Ignite.

"We want corporations to change their mindset that Filipino startups are still immature," he said, explaining how Filipino startups needed support in selling and connecting with big companies.

A business matching session was also held on the second day of Ignite 2018 "to encourage startups to talk to corporations, or to encourage the corporations to talk and understand the startup community," Koike said.

TechShake co-founder Kotaro Adachi also added, "corporations [have] work and projects, money, so that's what startups want, so we try to bridge and connect." 

In the coming years, Adachi said their team wants a bigger Ignite with more players from other countries. --Ker Oliva, Lorraine Lazaro, Rossane Ramos, ABS-CBN News