Business Mentor: Key traits aspiring entrepreneurs share with pet owners

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jul 13 2019 08:00 AM

Have you noticed how a lot of people bring their pets to malls these days? Lots of people visit malls while carrying their lovable fur babies.

It’s a good thing that many malls no longer ban pets. Some malls even have pet stores, dog daycare, boarding facilities, and even dog cafes.

Owning a pet teaches one to be responsible. Pet owners may not know it, but while they lavishing affection on their pets, they are also nurturing character traits and skills that can be useful in business.


You need to allot time for your pet. You need to feed, bathe, walk them for a few minutes to give them exercise. A pet is like a business that requires commitment and lots of care.

When we care for someone or for something, we put value in them. We will try to do anything to ensure that it is always in a good state.


Dog owners often talk to their pets. For most dog owners, doing this is soothing. While the dog may not talk back, the dog and its owner have a form of understanding.

In business, having the skill to talk to and understand others help make a healthy workplace for employees.

When you give a chance for your employees to speak up and voice out what can make their work better, it affects the company’s overall performance. Thus, there is also a positive impact on the company and the general well-being of each employee.


Pet owners set boundaries or limitations on their dogs. Otherwise, their house would always be in chaos.

It's the same when handling a business. You must have the discipline to do what is right, to be able to do it accordingly and to ensure that what you are doing does not go against your company’s standards.

Also, giving positive reinforcement to your employees makes them feel that the company truly cares for them.


Time and time again, your dog will test your patience. No matter how cute and cuddly your dogs are, there are times that they can just get crazy.

As a responsible dog owner, you wouldn’t lift a hand on your dog to make it quiet. What you would do is to stay calm and to find ways to tame your dog.

In business, not everything can work according to your plan. Instead of crying over it and blaming yourself or others for failure, see it as an opportunity to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

Time Management

There is always the right time to do things. You cannot force-feed your dog with a massive amount of dog food in the morning because you will be home late.

You also need to check on the schedule of vaccinations needed by your pet according to what the vet has advised you. You need to provide everything at the right time.

As an entrepreneur, you also need to set a schedule for the things that you have to do.

Therefore, I do encourage you to own a pet. A dog will not only make your kids happy, it will also help build your character.

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