Business Mentor: Surviving the odds, grateful for life

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Jul 06 2019 09:34 AM

My business has been operating for many years. But like other entrepreneurs, I still experience difficulties in running the company. 

However, it is never an option for me to give up. That is precisely how I motivate my fellow entrepreneurs. Because simply giving up after one hard blow is ignoring everything, including your dream.

I dreamt about success. But God has made me realize that success was not always based on the amount of money that one will earn after many years of hard work. Success is feeling satisfied with what you do because you know that you have become an instrument for the success of others.

I am a business mentor/motivational guru and my main job is the help people reach their highest potential in building a successful business. It may seem easy to others because all they see is you saying positive things, words of encouragement to make someone push himself hard.

However, I believe that if your heart is not in the job that you do and you focus only on the monetary aspect, the people that you talk to will feel that you lack the sincerity to truly help. The warmth and welcoming feeling should be felt by the individual when listening to someone who they think will help them make themselves a better person to become the ideal entrepreneur.


Whenever I am given an opportunity to talk about how to start a business, I always focus on building their core values. It is through establishing these values that an entrepreneur could easily make things happen.

A well-written business plan may act as a guideline on how you want to run your business. It may seem easy to just write down all your ideas and formulate strategies on how to present your products and services to the right audience. However, more than having the entrepreneurial skills, you need to build yourself in such a way that everything that you have thought of would not be wasted.

GMB is now in its 26th year. And I am just so happy looking back at all the wonderful memories I made from meeting so many people from all walks of life. I am grateful to these people because it was not a one-way street, wherein they only learn from me. I have also learned so many things from them, which I apply in my everyday life and try to share them with others, as well.

My business is not all about me.

My wife, Lyndah and I work to encourage people and try to lead them to the right path towards their own entrepreneurial journey. For others, their fulfillment after speaking in front of the people was the money that one has earned from it.

But, I feel more fulfilled knowing that some of the people that I talked to were able to push themselves into starting their own businesses. Not everyone who attends a seminar on building a business or franchising may have actually proceeded in building their own business. But those who did made me feel that I have done my job right.

Putting my thoughts into one straight path.

Young entrepreneurs are eager to take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way. It may seem a good idea, but focusing on one area and honing your skills are much better if you want to succeed in life.

You may ask: how come there are entrepreneurs who have more than 5 kinds of businesses operating all the same time? My answer to that, they hire people to help them manage these businesses. It is also a very great risk to take. But I do applaud those entrepreneurs that can do this. However, for me, I chose to focus on what I love most. I never realized that my happiness in motivating others would be the fulfillment of my dreams!

Being thankful for the smallest things.

We only live once. And desiring so many things would only make us feel unhappy. Entrepreneurs should learn to be grateful even if the things that happen are not as grand.

We need to always keep ourselves grounded and be an inspiration to others – whether we are outside of work or at work. A lot of people get sick because of having too much stress in their everyday. Always remember that we work to live and not live to work.

Working to your heart’s content, but with moderation.

There are times when work can be overwhelming and you may feel that you need to do everything all at the same time. Remember that you are not. If you try to do all of them at the same time, the room for error increases. Therefore, learn to make a schedule about the things that you need to do and always prioritize family.


The 26 years of GMB were a roller coaster ride. Despite a few bumps on every turn, it was always a good sign I always looked forward to ending with a smooth ride. The experiences I gained all these years are a collection of great memories that have kept my desire to go on with what I love.



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