Business Mentor: Knowing if your business is franchisable

Armando Bartolome

Posted at May 18 2019 09:16 AM

A lot of people dream of starting their own business. But after a few years of sustaining a business, an entrepreneur may feel the need to expand.

When your products or services are being patronized and the demand may no longer be met by your existing resources, it may be a sign that you are ready to expand your business. Franchising is a good option.

The first franchisees are likely your long-time customers. They may have seen the potential of the products and services that you offer and are now interested in investing in your brand which they have known and trusted.

The next franchisees would be those who have been enticed by marketing and publicity. Learning about your franchising system will make them want to be part of a growing business.

Before any entrepreneur takes his business to the next level, he should realize the following

It is not enough that you have a great business concept. Entrepreneurs should have a complete understanding of what their brand is all about, and at the same time be able to easily verbalize its concept and plan. 

Having a franchise is about having a system, therefore, it is essential that entrepreneurs have organized outlines for operations, proper communications, and a method that can easily lure in new customers.

Entrepreneurs should also be able to foresee if a franchise can survive on a day-to-day basis without them having to be always there. The concept of franchising may seem easy – setting up another branch with the resources needed. But you have to consider if the business can survive on its own.

When an entrepreneur decides to have his business franchised, it also means having to deal with other people to help strengthen the brand. This includes advertisers, graphic designers, legal assistance, training, support, and public relations. 

A franchisor’s responsibility does not end once he allows another person to start his business in another location. He needs to ensure that everything is uniform across all franchises so that it maintains a single brand that the public has known it from the start.

Diving into franchising the business entails a lot of money. An entrepreneur may feel that his business is ready for franchising, but without the financial resources available, it is unlikely to happen.

Therefore, an entrepreneur may need to get a loan or to seek partners who are willing to invest in the business. It is crucial that the entrepreneur realizes that along with the potential profit are also the potential losses. 

Again, that is the risk that entrepreneurs are taking each time they start a business. Remember that the costs would immediately increase because of further brand development, the hiring of experts, covering legal fees, and searching for prospective franchisees.

All of us dream of being successful either with our own careers or business. But, an entrepreneur should have a clear vision that his franchise business can truly be possible in the real world.

I know one business that operated for just a year. Since there were so many people flocking in, she decided to have her business franchised.

But she didn’t seem prepared with all the responsibilities of a franchisor. It disappointed all the franchisees, and one by one they all closed shop.

It takes a lot of years to be able to see if your business has become franchisable. It is like starting up a new business and entails a lot of work. A clear understanding of the business is very important. The brand has to be maintained across all franchisees. 

The franchise disclosure agreement should be followed. If these are not met, it is unlikely that a franchisor would ever earn from the franchise.

Looking for your first franchisee is crucial. The franchise business should come out positive, otherwise, it may be the first and last franchise you will ever have. Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose wisely who would invest in your business. 

Maintaining a good reputation in the market is very important. It will be your ticket to success as a franchisor.



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