Business Mentor: How to stay focused and motivated in a home business

Armando Bartolome

Posted at May 11 2019 09:24 AM | Updated as of May 11 2019 09:25 AM

A lot of people are now seeing the importance of having their own business. Some started while employed and then eventually made a decision to set up their own business.

Because starting up a business entails a lot of challenges some begin with a home business.

Leaving your job is a big step. But starting a business at home does have its advantages.

You no longer have to worry waking up so early to avoid traffic. You don’t have to attend morning meetings with a grouchy boss. There’s no need to wear office clothes. And you still get to look after your children while you do your work.

However, having a home business also has some drawbacks.

You can lose your energy since you know you don’t need to get up as early as before. You may tend to just lay in bed most of the day and have a Netflix marathon. You may fail to complete tasks on time.

This means that if your heart and mind are not completely into making a business successful, then you may have just made a huge mistake in your life leaving your job.

First of all, the very motivation that you need is realizing why you are doing this. Providing for your family’s needs and a better future should always be on your mind. 


Be organized.

Even if your business is at home, you need to keep things well-organized—from planning things ahead to placing all of your things at the right place. It is easier to work and to think when you know that all the things that you need are within reach. This should also include setting a certain time to do particular tasks such as making phone calls, to ensure that you can accomplish as many tasks as you can.

Connect! Connect! Connect!

The internet is a very valuable tool (when used properly). It allows you to stay at home and still know people and market your business. Use the various social media platforms to connect with people to help you grow your business.

Dress up for work

Although you really don’t need to wear a business suit while working at home, dressing up casually can be more motivating to move around than just being on your pajamas. Make it a habit to shower before starting your day. It can truly get you going.

Go outside

Go out and have a life. You also need to breathe fresh air—it can help you think better and come up with great ideas. Just walking outside can stimulate your brain and help you generate wonderful plans. Bumping into someone can even give you an idea based on what you have talked about.

Have some time for yourself

You can go to the gym, spa, or do meditation. Relax your nerves and your mind. You are able to perform better when you have sufficient rest. Take a vacation with your family and be surrounded by a new environment. This is a great opportunity for you to unwind and have enough strength to face a new set of challenges.

If you consistently push yourself to do more, it actually slows you down. You put pressure on yourself too much that your brain no longer allows you to become creative or logical. Therefore, mistakes happen more often, which waste your time.

Entrepreneurs who are able to slow down are the people who get most things done because they come up with a system that allows them to perform better, think better, and work better.

Being successful with what they do is something that they no longer worry about.


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