Business Mentor: How to be Happy and Successful

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Apr 13 2019 08:30 AM

A lot of entrepreneurs are so busy, they rarely have enough time to rest. Some even sacrifice what should be quality time with their family. 

I can honestly say that I am also a workaholic person. But I do try to give myself time to get energized and recuperate from stress. 

As a business mentor, I also try to be more than just another consultant to my clients. I also inject inspirational thoughts on how to remain grounded despite success, and to look back at where one came from. 

For me, my happiness is not just knowing that I have people who trust in what I do, but more importantly, knowing that I give happiness and inspiration to many people. 

I am so glad that God gave me the gift to use my lips to inspire others in such a way that they focus not only on building their businesses but also learning to become individuals with a heart for the people who help them with their businesses.

Living a happy life, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially
One of the things that make a person unhappy and disappointed is the expectation that they can make their lives perfect. There is nothing perfect in any aspect of life. 

Here are a few thoughts that may help you be happier in life. 

1. Life has no guarantee.

No matter how much you have studied business, there will always come a time when things may not go the way you expect them to be. One day you rake in thousands, the next day you may not. 
The movement of the market is unpredictable. Each day, a new business opens up, which may be similar to yours. People will be curious about how it can be different from what you offer. But when you provide only the best products and services, people will surely come back to you.

2. Good enough is good enough. 

This means that you need to be satisfied with what you have and not to be in a hurry to climb the ladder of success. Every entrepreneur may strive for perfection. And again, if you have this kind of mindset, you will always end up unhappy. Know that there is always room for improvement. For as long as you did your best, the best things are sure to come.

3. Life does not revolve around your existence. 

In any kind of business, it takes more than an entrepreneur to become successful. Never forget the people who help make things possible for the company. And always give credit where credit is due. I realized that the more I praise and acknowledge the work of the people who help, the more it makes them love their work. And this makes them highly productive because they know that they’re not taken for granted.

4. Great ideas are not exclusively created inside the office. 

It’s just like writer’s block. If you lack inspiration, it is unlikely for you to come up with great things to say to the readers. While others may seem to be more comfortable thinking alone in their room, others may feel that they become more creative by being in other places, by looking at people or events. Try to use a voice recorder so that you can just click it on whenever something comes into your mind. 

5. Aim for your happiness and not your success. 

Now, I know that people may see this differently. Some people would rather close a deal that will earn them millions. That is their interpretation of happiness. But for me, happiness is a mindset. If you choose to be happy, then for me, that is success itself. 

What lets you sleep peacefully at night? Is it the new car, designer bag, or the latest travels you’ve had? These are all material things. 
Your happiness is making peace with others and within yourself. 

Happiness is giving joy to others and sharing your blessings. Happiness is seeing the fruits of your hardship – your children finishing college and growing up as responsible and God-fearing individuals. When you see things this way, then that is your success.

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