Business Mentor: Uplifting Demotivated Employees in the Workplace

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Mar 30 2019 08:01 AM

As an entrepreneur, do you find ways on to keep your employees always motivated to do their job? 

Maintaining a positive environment helps people feel great about themselves and become more productive. When people are happy to work, they tend to stay longer in the company.

It is like being a parent to a lot of children, you want to nurture them not only because you need them to help you build your company, but also because it is important for you that they grow as a person.

Providing a positive workplace improves teamwork, increases efficiency and productivity, raises the employees’ morale, and enhances the retention of the workforce. 

Employees feel satisfied with their jobs, are inspired to share their insights for the improvement of the company. It also reduces stress on the employees.


What are the ways on how you can motivate your employees?

1.    Be clear with your goals. Each company has a unique culture that employees should be conscious of from the very start. For example, if the company wants to promote “a healthy environment”, employees should know that they need to keep the office clean all the time and free of garbage. 

Anything that is for disposal should be rechecked. Those items that can be reused should be reused. Everything that can be recycled should be placed in a common bin for recycling. 

I remember passing by one of the buildings in Ortigas. I saw so many cigarette butts scattered by the sidewalk. Apparently, they were from BPO employees who go out during their short break. Since they are not allowed to smoke in the building, they do it outside. But, nevertheless, it still should not be how these employees behave. 

2.     Encourage employees to share their thoughts. It’s not easy working for a company where no one is allowed to speak their mind, even if they know that they have valuable insights that can help the company. 

Entrepreneurs, although they may have business advisers, should also seek suggestions from the employees because they are the ones who talk to the customers and suppliers. 

3.    Always be fair regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. Everyone deserves to be heard. And to be partial to a specific gender, race, or religion is absolute discrimination. The company should treat each and everyone equally. The workplace should be able to value individual differences so that they may feel welcome and accepted.

4.    Give credit where credit is due. What do you think would perk up your staff? Recognition and incentives. Give them a reason to be always at their best by recognizing an Employee of the Week or Employee of the Month. 

You may also give incentives to those who have never missed a work day, or to those employees who managed to increase the company’s sales. More than the 13th month pay that they receive, employees feel happier to work in a company that recognizes their efforts.

Having a positive workplace is important for nurturing employees. When people take pride in what they do, they invest their future in the company and exert effort to create opportunities that will benefit the company. 

By rewarding those who are actively striving towards keeping a positive workplace and supporting their co-employees, companies can encourage others to do the same. 

A positive attitude and behavior in the workplace are the results of being an effective leader having a positive management approach.

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