Business Mentor: Inspiring young entrepreneurs

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Mar 14 2020 09:38 AM

In my almost 30 years in this business, I was able to talk to many,  share my experiences and impart my knowledge, especially to those who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs.

Others may think that my job is easy because I just say the same things over and over again. Well, it is both a yes and a no. Yes, because sometimes I do get sick, and I could not show up to a meeting or a talk.

However, talking to people is my greatest motivation in life. I know that I can make a difference. Because I know that there are those who would pick up a thing or two from what I shared with them and do something to make themselves proud.

Talking to people has become a lot easier over the years. But, I just don’t go up the stage unprepared. Even if most of my talks may seem to be the same, I always make sure that what I will share is truly relevant and something that they can think about when they leave.

Last January, I had the pleasure to speak before 400 graduating college students of Polytechnic University of the Philippines at the Southern Quezon Convention Center in Gumaca, Quezon Province.

The focal point of my talk is about how being a leader should become God-centered.

There are those born who think that they can lead people. Unfortunately, not all of them become great leaders because they lack several attributes. They can mislead people and eventually lead to some unfortunate events.

To become a God-centered leader, one must strive to do for the sake of others and not for his own gain. More than wanting to earn money, he should also focus on sharing his blessings with the less fortunate. Leaders should always step up when there are people who need help, like during the eruption of Taal Volcano.

A leader’s main role is to impart positivity to people and to teach them how to do things for the welfare of others.

The world needs fresh entrepreneurs all the time. This is because entrepreneurs create jobs, elevate the standard of living, create new technology for society, and keep competition alive in the marketplace.

But entrepreneurs need the proper. It is not easy to start a business, thus it is essential that the new breed of entrepreneurs have enough resources to carry out various innovations and to build a strong entrepreneurial mindset to become successful.

Tips to share with young entrepreneurs

1. Realize your dream and aspiration. A dream remains a dream unless you start doing something to make it real. If you dream of owning your own house and having a good future for your family, you need to start acting on it.

2. Accept that challenges are part of the process. No successful entrepreneur reached his goal without meeting a few bumps along the way. The first time you stumble, don’t ever think of giving up. This will help you improve yourself and come up with better decisions.

3. We will never know the outcome of our efforts unless we actually do it. In business, there is always a risk. But make calculated risks instead of just diving into something without fully thinking of what are the repercussions.

4. Some people may not agree with your decisions. Some would discourage you. But if you know that your plan is something that will turn out positive, believe in yourself that you can do it. Sometimes, you just need a little shove and push to get all started.

5. When planning on the kind of business to put up, always start with something that you are passionate about, something that would seem like second skin to you. Being passionate at something makes you push yourself harder, and despite working long hours on it, you will still manage to smile.

6. Be bold. You need to overcome fear. It may not be easy, but it should be like a fuel that will make you want to go on.

7. Be with like-minded people. Look for people that will help you with your business, who see your vision and share your passion.

8. Learn from your mistakes. You are not perfect. There are times that mistakes happen. However, you can straighten things out by being more careful next time.

9. Never stop gaining new knowledge. Technology is ever-changing, therefore, one must be always in the know.

10. Be a people-person. No business will survive if the owner himself does not know how to be charismatic. Customers want to feel that they are always being valued. Just like a man pursuing a woman, an entrepreneur should always make his customers happy and satisfied by providing what is expected from his product.

11. Learn from your customers. Always have time to listen to what your customers say. That is why the use of social media has become an essential tool for any business. Through this, you get to be closer to your customers who can provide suggestions on how to improve your products. They can also inform you if they are not receiving proper customer care.

12. Deliver more than expected. It is a great way of building your brand’s followers.

13. Never fail to seek the Lord’s guidance. Some see only their problems or successes and completely forget to seek help or give thanks for everything. It is equally important to stay connected with Him no matter what time of day. You don’t need to be constantly in Church to say a prayer. You can talk to Him anytime, anywhere. It will help you unburden the load. At the end of the day, there is always a reassuring hand that will guide you in the right way.

My dear, young entrepreneurs, I do believe that no matter how successful an entrepreneur has become, he should remain grounded, aspire to learn more and to share his knowledge with the younger generation to give them the right attitude and mindset.


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