Gender balance a 'win-win' for firms, says International Finance Corp


Posted at Mar 11 2019 04:43 PM

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MANILA – Funds with gender-balance leadership generate 20 percent more returns, an International Finance Corp (IFC) study released Monday showed.

Access to startup capital, which is often times "severely restricted" for women, reaches up to 12 percent in gender-balanced teams compared to 7 percent in non-balanced environments, according to IFC's "Moving Toward Gender-Balance in Private Equity and Venture Capitalist" study.

"We have seen and we’ve proven, now that we have the evidence in data, that closing gaps between men and women is really win-win for all," said IFC global manager for gender secretariat Henriette Kolb.

The IFC is helping insurance firms across the globe understand and address the needs of women in terms of financial protection.

"What we help insurance companies do is to better understand who their customers are and what do women want and need. Because women face very different needs across their life cycle, starting from birth," Kolb said.

"We’re helping insurance industry close those gap because we know it’s a good value proposition," she said.