Are You Fulfilling Your Dreams?

Armando Bartolome

Posted at Mar 09 2019 09:28 AM

When you ask children what they want to be when they grow up, most of them would say they want to be a doctor, a teacher, a policeman, or a pilot. Children look up to these people because they learn from the adults how great these people are.

As we grow up, our interests change, but no matter which profession they choose, they share one goal –to provide a better life for their family.

It is unfortunate how some Filipinos opt to work abroad because there are much bigger opportunities out there than here in the Philippines.

One of the people I admire, a very successful Overseas Filipino Entrepreneur, is Jimmy Wong. I had the pleasure of interviewing him through my online segment, Just A Minute With The Guru. 

Starting out as a nurse in South Hampton, UK, Jimmy felt that there was so much more than he could do, something that would help his family, and would make him happy.

Working 60 hours a week, there was barely enough time for other earning opportunities. He had several businesses, some of which were not successful. But it never stopped him from pursuing his entrepreneurial dream.

Years after, he realized that his passion was helping fellow Filipinos become an entrepreneur like himself. Jimmy was hungry for knowledge and he never stopped searching for different means of enriching himself.

All the time that he spent attending seminars and workshops paid off. He is now an inspiration to so many people in the UK as he imparts his wisdom about entrepreneurship. 

Jimmy and I share the same passion – of inspiring people to become a better version of themselves and help them realize that they can become entrepreneurs themselves.

Some people are afraid to engage in business, thinking that only those who come from a family of entrepreneurs would become successful. However, as Jimmy said, entrepreneurship can be learned by anyone.

What makes an entrepreneur successful is how he gives his full commitment to the business he has. En route to your goal, it is likely to get a few bumps along the way. And that is okay. We all learn from these mistakes and struggles and these become our pillars of strength that push us even more to attain our goal.

Are You Happy Where You Are Now?

Jimmy had a different mindset. His aim was not to live for the time being but to ensure the future of his family. Some OFWs, Unfortunately, spends more than what they really should without thinking that they may lose their job anytime.

No matter how many years you were promised that you’ll have a job, there is always the possibility that the company may either prematurely end the contract or close down. Which is why it is important to learn how to spend hard-earned money wisely through investment.

For those working in countries where they can apply for permanent residency, it is also wise to start and build their own business. There is nothing like being secure with a sustainable business.

Would you say that you are happy with the amount of money that comes in every month? Considering that the prime commodities continue to increase and the salary stays the same? We cannot do complain about the government all the time. We need to do something to help ourselves. And that is through enriching our stream of income through building a business.

If you feel that you are in a profession that you don’t really want, but you have no choice at the moment, you should not give up, at least for the sake of your family. Make yourself grow by slowly evolving into someone that you have always dreamed of. The transition may not be easy. But, it would surely be worth it.

It is also likely that once you have made a successful transition. There would be people talking behind your back or discouraging you from pursuing what you want. But, that should not deter you from reaching your dreams.

Becoming an entrepreneur allows you to have more freedom to do other things. But most importantly, it gives you the gift of spending quality time with your loved ones, as well.

Never be afraid to start something new. Allow yourself to learn more about the kind of business that you want to build. Surround yourself with people who can help you and who have the same goals you have.

Be patient and never fail to pray for guidance. Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. If you are afraid of failing, then you would never know what great things are in store for you.

No matter what kind of business you are in or investment that you have, the ultimate fulfillment of your dream is having a secure future for your family.


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