OPINION: Ferdinand E. Marcos alias William Saunders alias Tony Bundoc

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Posted at Apr 12 2019 08:03 PM

The use of false identities, aliases, is modus operandi for criminals, to achieve a sense of protective anonymity. Most often enough, it is done when secretly squirreling away ill-gotten wealth.

Among the many secrets the Marcoses kept in Malacanang vaults liberated by People Power, and thereafter shared with the world, were the Swiss bank accounts of Ferdie and Meldy. It is a fact beyond the reach of their present-day revisionists. “William Saunders” and “Jane Ryan” were the aliases they utilized in opening their secret “His” and “Hers” accounts with the Credit Suisse in Zurich. As early as 1968, during the first legitimate term of Ferdinand E. Marcos as President, they had already began ‘squirreling’ away! 

The indisputable documentary evidence of this discovery were the very supporting “signature verification forms,” of Credit Suisse with coded deposit and withdrawal instructions. The attempt at secrecy is of course driven by the fear of being discovered. The very act of keeping a secret by itself is admission of the obviously attendant evil nature, the wrongdoing, of that which they were covering up by the use of the legendary bank secrecy protection being provided by Swiss bankers. 

Let us backtrack a bit and review what is of universal knowledge. I do this most especially for the sake of the mercenary Marcos history revisionists. The whole world witnessed the fall of Ferdie. The whole world knew the duo hightailed it to Honolulu. The real medical condition of the deposed dictator was earlier treated like a state secret. But when finally outed by circumstances beyond their control, they were blowing obfuscation smoke over the truth. They even tweaked and toyed with it, hoping to squeeze political juice out of Ferdie’s ailments. 

Every time Ferdie had need for hospitalization, Meldy made doubly sure that all media were in on the event, as if to invite commiseration and who knows, perhaps sufficient public pressure. The whole world was informed that St. Francis Medical Center is where the patient was confined on multiple occasions of hospitalizations. It was there that media converged and camped out, awaiting the ‘latest’ on patient Ferdie Marcos. In fact, that is where the disgraced tin-pot caudillo finally kicked the bucket. It was at St. Francis where Bongbong Marcos announced to the world the demise of his father.

Would you then not find it crazily incredible that there is no official record in St. Francis Medical Center that a patient by the name of one Ferdinand E. Marcos was ever confined there? Whose harebrained idea was it and why did the hospital administration consent to admitting the world known patient Ferdinand E. Marcos under a false identity? Ferdie died using an alias!

The only patient on record who died in that hospital on September 28, 1989 was a “Tony Bundoc!” The extant medical records of Ferdinand E. Marcos are in the name of a certain “Tony Bundoc.” His residential address was listed in care of the attending physician, Livingston Wong, MD. who incidentally is also listed as Tony Bundoc’s “next of kin.”

It is not only ridiculous and bizarre. It is downright asinine! That means ‘extremely stupid!’ How else can one better characterize it? Fraud up to the moment of death? How very Ferdie! How Meldy! Ought I not also say “how so Bongbong,” “how so Imee?”

Funny enough, I found two lapses in what they may have thought to have been a well laid out Marcosian charade. The registration record of Tony Bundoc’s admission on “12/09/88 13:00” also identified him, towards the bottom of the hospital form, as: “SOCIAL HISTORY: Married, former President of the Philippines.” 

And in the other instance, a “V. DEQUATTRO, MD,” physician on special consultation for “progressive dyspnea, cough, wheezing” (dyspnea is ‘labored breathing’) done on “1/15/89” in Tony Bundoc’s assigned “Room No. 379,” identified the patient (in a document labelled ‘Consultation Record’) in his own handwriting, as “Marcos, Ferdinand.”

I would like to share with you, dear folks, some baffling medical terms that I grappled with during my ‘spying’ days, meaning, when Tony Bundoc was still alive! Only, initially, I did not know he was the one whose medical condition I was surveilling! Here are the terms of my concern. They eventually contributed to my alleged edification! “Idiopathic myopathy,” “idiopathic neuropathy,” “etiology.” These are terms that I read out of the Hospital “discharge summary”--- “FINAL DIAGNOSIS:” of patient Tony Bundoc by the attending physician, Calvin Wong, M.D., dated “12-18-88.”

Myopathy is a general term referring to any disease of the muscles, when the fibers do not function properly. In other words, ‘muscle disease.’ Neuropathy, on the other hand, is a condition “affecting the nerves supplying the arms and legs,” with numbness, tingling and even pain invariably leading to patient weakness.

Idiopathic and etiology were both a tease for me, at first. Nothing idiotic there, really. Idiopathic denotes a condition or disease that arises spontaneously, the cause of which is unknown. Etiology, on the other hand, is the investigation, a look see into the cause of a disease or disorder based on “factors such as poor sleep, fatigue, overexertion and anxiety.”

What I thought bothersome was the term ‘idiopathic’ because it meant “disease or condition… for which the cause is unknown.”
Might it be possible, therefore, that that the doctors could not really diagnose with certitude what ailed Tony Bundoc because they were aware that as patient Ferdinand E. Marcos, earlier in another but related medical examination, the patient had already exhibited a history of suspected imagined, or fabricating, even employing some contrivance? Might that have been an escape or defense mechanism, hypochondria, or simple malingering, perhaps? I cannot answer that. I am no doctor but a spying, doubting Tomas! I do have a genuine story, with unimpeachable professional information, to share with you next time. Again, you will learn the meaning of words not normally used in daily conversation.

The patient’s discharge diagnosis (admitted on “12-9-88;” discharged “12-18-88.”) stated: “This 71-year-old Filipino male with a history of hypertensive heart disease,” was admitted “because of chest discomfort and congestive heart failure”…….. “had been under increased stress over the past few weeks.”

There was also this one very notable item in the medical diagnosis. “The 71-year-old Filipino male” was diagnosed with “TESTICULAR ATROPHY.”




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