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Gian P. Ho | Dec 12 2018

One of the most challenging tasks that come with the Holiday season is figuring out what gift to get for the special people on your Christmas list. One item that has continued to be an excellent gift for over a century is the classic wristwatch. Whether to cement a business deal, mark a special occasion, or serve as a symbol of appreciation, a timepiece is one of the most special gifts a person can give. We can think of a few reasons why.

When people talk about the watches they own, they rarely mention the material it’s made from or the movement underneath. Instead, they mention the story behind it: how it was bought when they got married, or when their child was born, or how it was given to them by a loved one, for instance. Usually, watches are purchased or gifted to celebrate important moments. This makes each timepiece unique to the owner as each carries an important story to tell; and every time they look at the watch, they remember that moment or the person who gave it.

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A.LANGE & SOHNE GRANDE LANGE 1 MOON PHASE LUMEN REF. 117.035. The Lange 1 model is symbolic to the brand. Lange takes this to the top being a limited edition in platinum with the subtle skeleton dial. 

AUDEMARS PIGUET LADIES ROYAL OAK LIMITED EDITION IN PLATINUM AND TITANIUM REF. 67651IP.ZZ.1261IP.01. The perfect match for her. This elegant ladies’ version of the platinum and titanium Royal Oak has diamonds set in the bezel. Not only is this a limited edition, but it’s also the perfect companion for both day and night. 

AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK LIMITED EDITION IN PLATINUM AND TITANIUM REF. 15202IP.OO.1240IP.01. Collectors love the Royal Oak. Using the finest materials with a stunning blue dial exclusive to the platinum and titanium model, this extra thin Royal Oak is a must have. It wears light and extremely well on the wrist. 

PATEK PHILIPPE CALATRAVA PILOT TRAVEL WATCH IN ROSE GOLD REF.5524R. This pilot watch in rose gold veers from the tradition models of Patek and appeals to the more modern collector. It’s the perfect travel companion whether in jeans or a suit as you can track both your local and home time. 

PATEK PHILIPPE NAUTILUS WITH POWER RESERVE REF. 3710. This is the most elegant Nautilus with several distinct features. It’s a hot item now in the international auction scene, setting new records in the last four weeks. It is the first complication of the Nautilus and is a great investment piece.  

ROLEX DAYTONA PLATINUM WITH ICE BLUE DIAL AND DIAMONDS REF. 116506. This Daytona uses the most precious metal together with the famous ice blue dial with subtle diamond markers which is exclusive to the platinum variants only. This 50th anniversary edition tops the list for modern Daytona models. It wears heavy and feels solid. 

VINTAGE ROLEX DAYTONA REF. 6240. For the most discerning collector, this 1967 Daytona is known to be the “prototype” since this was the first model of Rolex to use the screw down chronograph function. It has fantastic patina, and everything is period correct. What makes this more special is that it comes with its complete box and papers. A Paul Newman version of the 6240 was recently sold at Finale Auctions for P18.6M. That makes this a bargain. 

Unlike most gifts, watches stand the test of time. Many gifts, whether it be a mobile phone or perhaps something as expensive as a car, have a relatively short lifespan and will eventually be replaced. A timepiece on the other hand is an incredibly personal gift that is designed to last a lifetime or even longer, being passed from one generation to the next. As the famous Patek Philippe ads say: “You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation”.  

As great a gift as watches are, buying a timepiece for the discerning watch lover is never an easy task. Pouring over specifics and researching online can quickly become overwhelming. At the Manila Peninsula, a shop called Vintage Grail makes it easier. The retailer specializes in vintage watches and hard-to-find modern timepieces, and this Christmas the experts behind has put together The Gifts of Grail, a carefully curated list of timepieces that every watch enthusiast would love to add to their collection. The watches seen on this story are the kind of watches that can be found in The Gifts of Grail.


Vintage Grail is located the Manila Peninsula in Makati.