A pair of 1985 Nike Air Jordan 1s, made for and worn by U.S. basketball player Michael Jordan, are seen in an undated handout photo ahead of an online auction by Sotheby's New York. Photo by Sotheby's
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A pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s worn and signed by Michael Jordan just sold for USD560,000

The sale just set a new record in the world of sneakers.
ANCX | May 18 2020

A pair of Nike Air Jordan 1s especially made for Michael Jordan sold Sunday for USD560,000 in an online auction at Sotheby’s. The pair, emblazoned with the Chicago Bulls red, has been worn in a game by the legendary NBA superstar, and is autographed, too. 

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The sale sets a new world record for any sneaker, unseating another Nike pair, the “Moon Shoe” from its throne. One of the early Nikes, the “Moon Shoe” sold last year, also at Sotheby’s, for $437,000–or $123,000 short of the signed Air Jordan 1s. 

The Netflix docu The Last Dance, featuring Jordan’s career, just dropped its final installment. AP Photo/John Swart

The sale coincided with the dropping of the final episode in the much-talked-about and much-followed Chicago Bulls documentary The Last Dance which prominently follows Jordan’s career.