There are many ways to customize, including options for color and canvas, spread over 13 different zones on a pair of Now Yours Run Away.
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You can now design your own Louis Vuitton sneaker

With their Now Yours Run Away shoes, you can get a pair that is one-of-a-kind, made at their own Italian workshop. As one of the purveyors of monogrammed everything, this was just a natural progression for Louis Vuitton.
ANCX Staff | Mar 16 2019

Late 2014, Louis Vuitton entered the high fashion sneaker market with a set of models that one magazine described as “luxe runners that you would be crazy to actually go running in.” This included the Run Away, which featured tonal red leather and beige suede accents with the label’s classic Damier pattern. Since then, it has found its footing (so to speak) among LV’s iconic lines, with variations popping up throughout the seasons.

Today, the French fashion house is allowing you to reimagine the Run Away silhouette with a suite of options that you can go to town with. With Now Yours Run Away, you can conceptualize the pair of your persuasion, and it put together at LV’s workshop in Fiesso, Italy.

To start the process a selection of three Run Away versions are available: full calf leather, full alligator or a mix of alligator and calf leather.

The shoes are made at the LV workshop in Fiesso, Italy.

Next, thirteen different zones on the shoe are to be defined, including the sole, heel, tongue and laces. A choice of nine colors are proposed: navy, vibrant red, orange, sunny yellow, bright purple, cognac, pure black, and white, along with four canvas options: Monogram, Monogram Eclipse, Monogram White, and Damier Graphite. Customers are invited to play around with color and canvas combinations via simulation.

Once you have placed in your choices on the different zones, initials can be hot-stamped on the heel or placed on the side of the sneaker. Placement on the side allows the initials to be combined with the Maison’s stripes in two colors of your choice. Upon completion of the personalization, lead-time is from five to seven weeks to receive your pair.

Here’s how your pair will be constructed:

Hand-press cutting of the calfskin leather. 

Assembling of the upper with its lining. 

Separate elements of the upper are stitched into place. 

Outlines of the rubber soles are hand-stenciled around each sneaker before final assembly. 

Soles are manually glued to the Now Yours runaway sneaker. 

Finished product. 

Now Yours Run Away is currently available at select physical boutiques including Beijing, London, Dubai, Tokyo, New York, Sydney, of course, their Maison at Champs-Élysées. The closest shops to the Philippines that offer this service are Singapore and Hong Kong, but more shops will carry Now Yours later on in the year.


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