Tsismis NYC's Gambas and San Miguel Beer make a perfect match. Photo from @tsismisnyc on Instagram
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The latest Filipino restaurant in New York is called Tsismis

Tsismis NYC and it’s Pinoy chef Jappy Afzelius will take care of the sinigang, the halo-halo and the adobo—all interpreted in his playful style, of course. But bring your own gossip.
ANCX Staff | Jun 12 2019

Word travels fast, tsismis even faster. We just gathered there’s a new restaurant in New York, and it’s called the Filipino word for gossip. 

Tsismis NYC's cozy interiors

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Tsismis NYC, located in the Lower East Side, describes itself as “a Filipino American restaurant and wine bar offering an eclectic menu promoting the use of local and sustainable ingredients.” It has a warm, cozy setting—no small thanks to the open kitchen and copper bar.

Executive Chef Jappy Afzelius 

It is owned by Stephen Young and Reggie Aguinaldo who, according to the New York Times, both have Filipino roots. The executive chef is SF and Paris-trained Jappy Afzelius, originally from Dumaguete and formerly executive sous chef at Manila Social Club, also in New York. He’s worked in upscale restaurants in France and Italy. According to the Inquirer, Afzelius took his master’s degree in Food Culture & Communications at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. 

“The flavors of the Philippines are interpreted inventively,” said the New York Times of Afzelius’s creations which are predominantly dishes with Filipino roots, or just imbued with touches of his home country. 

Kale Laing

A starter, for example, is kale laing, which is basically locally sourced kale sautéed in coconut milk and shrimp paste. They have Kabute—or mushroom—sliders, where the patty sits on a bed of squash. 

Kabuti sliders, mushroom, and seasonal squash on a toasted butter roll
Their Pinoy Caesar comes with a little spicy dressing, garnished with tuyo flakes and garlic croutons

Their Caesar Salad has tuyo flakes, and the halo-halo—but of course there’s halo-halo—is made more special by upgrading the usual shaved ice with coconut sorbet. Playful, indeed. There’s sinigang on the menu, as well as an adobo, and a bangus dish. As Pinoys like to say, Ikaw na lang kulang. 


Photos from Tsismis NYC Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Tsismis NYC is located in 143 Orchard Street, in the Lower East Side.