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Concentrix kicks off 2018 Cup

To foster teamwork and the value of people working for a single goal, business services company Concentrix looks to sports  

Sports are a way to develop teamwork and camaraderie which are necessary to promote a harmonious atmosphere at work. It strengthens the bond among colleagues and teaches them how to be united when faced with challenges. These are the reasons Concentrix advocates sports programs.

Recently, the organization formally opened Concentrix Cup 2018, a sports tournament for all leaders and employees in the company’s Metro Manila sites, at the San Juan Knights Gym in San Juan City.

Leaders and employees in its Manila sites gathered at the San Juan Knights Gym. 

The drum and lyre band from Pasig Elementary School welcomed everyone at the event, followed by the Parade of Sites with representatives from Tera, Exxa, Spark, Cyberwest, Taguig, UP Ayala, Eastwood, and the Support Team.

Concentrix Country Leader Elek Toth delivered his opening speech and Operations Team Leader Christopher Catamora led the athletes in the oathtaking ceremony.

A cheering squad to drum up the day's challenges and festivities.

The Parade of Muses was the first event of the day with the Exxa Team emerging as the winner. Larong Pinoy games were also held with the Support Team winning the patintero matches and Tera Team winning in tumbang preso.

Another highlight during the opening day is the cheerdance competition with UP Ayala bringing home the trophy, and Tera and Exxa placing 1st and 2nd runners-up, respectively.

Give me a C: The Concentrix culture means being in one in words and in deeds. 

Exxa and Support teams also battled it out in an intense basketball match with Exxa taking the win, 60-58. For badminton men’s and women’s singles and mixed doubles, Spark and Support won in Bracket A, while Tera and UP Ayala won in Bracket B.

More basketball and badminton matches will be played in the next few weeks along with volleyball and table tennis games.

Winning matters, but so is having fun together. 

Concentrix’s culture of being one in words and in deeds is reflected in the way the participating teams work as a unit to achieve their goals. It is not only winning that matters, but having fun together, learning together, and growing together.