Alex Suarez and Jaime Urquijo at Palacio de Santoña, Thursday night
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Flamenco, dancing horses, paparazzi! The wedding parties for son of Bea Zobel Jr.

Manila society is in Madrid ATM, getting ready for the society wedding of the year—following two days of drinking, dancing and celebration
ANCX Staff | Oct 05 2019

If you’re not in Madrid the past this week, stomping on sand and partying in a torrero’s villa, you were probably feeling major FOMO. Haute Manille, as the past days’ IG posts show, is in the Spanish capital to attend the wedding of Jaime Urquijo, son of Bea Zobel Jr., to the beautiful Alex Suarez.

Jaime, as per his Tatler entry, “spent most of his life studying abroad and has recently completed his MBA in Business Administration from INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools.” Alex Suarez, on the other hand, was a Country Lead at Bumble Philippines and previously held a high position in Google Philippines. The wedding is scheduled today at Los Molinillos which is a few minutes off Madrid. 

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Celebrating these two..

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An Instagram post from the groom’s mother


However, the past two days have been dedicated to pre-wedding celebrations. 

The welcome party happened Thursday evening at Palacio de Santoña. “It was Flamenco themed and lots of pica going around. With flamenco dancers and Spanish guitar players entertaining in each room of the palace!” said one guest. 



Flamenco night welcome party in Madrid 🇪🇸

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“No decor needed as the venue itself was already full on,” said another source who was at the party. 

“Second day was an afternoon barbecue at a torero’s villa where a horse show happened and then a chill barn party till sunset,” said the same source. 


A horse show at the Day 2 party



Bring it on.

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Flamenco dancers at the welcome party.


Judging from the Instagram stories and posts, everyone seems to be having a grand time, with the women dressed in major colors and prints, and the men in light-colored clothing—at least during the day party at the Spanish ranch called Finca Feligres. Among the familiar faces in the party crowd were Kathy de Guzman, Margarita Fores, Kit Zobel, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Ricco and Tina Ocampo, Raul Manzano, Anton San Diego, and Tim Yap. “Weather is great! Blue sunny skies if a bit hot during the day,” a party guest told ANCX. The better to match the hot young couple and the mood of their guests. “Wild! There were paparazzi outside the building!”