Cebu province lands in the fifth place among provinces with highest cases. Photo of Capitol Compound in Cebu City by Andrewhaimerl via Wikimedia Commons
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Region 7 is back in top 5 regions with highest COVID cases

And 89 percent of that number comes from Cebu alone.
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Sep 21 2020

[Disclaimer: Whatever is written here is based on information released by the Department of Health at the time of publication. Whatever changes the DoH makes in their data later on…well that’s a different story in itself and as they say in their disclaimer: “the total cases reported may be subject to change as these numbers undergo constant cleaning and validation.”]

Philippines Total as of September 21, 2020: 290,190 cases

  • Total new cases announced today: 3,475
  • Recent cases (September 8-21, 2020): 2,648 (76 percent only)
  • Backlogs (March to September 7, 2020): 827 (with the majority occurring from July to September 7). 
  • Active cases 54,958 (up) with 4.5 percent (2,474 cases) severe or critical.
  • Even the top 5 regions had significant backlogs being reported today, with three of the five in the top five having less than 80 percent recent data (NCR, Region IVA and Region VI)
  • Region VII is back in the top five regions with highest cases and Cebu province lands in the fifth place among provinces with highest cases
  • Number of testing facilities: 129 (99 RT-PCR labs, 30 GeneXpert labs)
  • Total individuals tests: 3,191,229 (2.9 percent of population or 30,668 tests per million population)


Testing capacity as of September 19, 2020

The summary as of September 20, 2020

  • Total number of confirmed cases: 286,783
  • Total cases: 3,311 newly reported (2,774 recent or 83.8 percent from September 7-20, 2020)
  • Region with highest number of cases: NCR – 1,435 total (1,182 recent)
  • Top regions (with more than 100 cases): NCR, Regions IVA, III, VI, and VIII. 
  • Regions with single digit report: Cordillera Administrative Region
  • Repatriates: 13 new cases (Total: 11,551).
  • Unidentified on a regional level: 6 cases. (Total unknowns [regional]: 4,797)

The unknowns (Cases with NO TAGGED LOCATIONS)

Total unknowns: 20 (0.6 percent down from 3.5 percent the day before). 

  • Regional level: 6
  • Provincial level: 4 (3 from CALABARZON, 1 from Zamboanga Peninsula)
  • City/Municipality level:  10 (4 from Camarines Sur, 3 from Cavite, 2 from NCR and the rest from other provinces in the country)

 The known (Top 5 Regions)

  1. NCR
  • Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan and Marikina had three digit cases reported
  • All the other cities had less than 100 cases


  • The cities of Calamba and Cabuyao in Laguna had the most cases with 68 and 60 cases, respectively.

3. Region III (Central Luzon)

  • While the province of Bulacan registered the most cases, it was the city of Olongapo in Zambales that registered the highest number of cases on a city/municipality level.

4. Region VI (Western Visayas)

  • The city of Bacolod in Negros Occidental reported the highest number of cases on a city/municipality level in the region. The city alone owned 169 of the 309 cases (55 percent). This is significant because 97 percent of the cases in the region are recent.

5. Region VIII (Eastern Visayas)

  • With 95 percent of the cases in Eastern Visayas considered recent, Catbalogan in Western Samar continues to lead among the cities/municipalities in the region.
  • 7-day average of new cases as of September 20, 2020: 3,650 cases/day (lower)
  • 7-day average of new deaths as of September 20, 2020: 88 deaths/day (lower)


  • Global case fatality rate: 3.09 percent
  • Global recovery rate: 73.1 percent
  • The United States of America has surpassed 7 million cases today
  • India continues an upward trajectory. Although there were slightly less cases reported, it continued to report the most cases and deaths yesterday. 
  • Brazil has significantly reduced the number of reported cases and continues to sustain the decline. 
  • As in every weekend, the cases and deaths reported are significantly less (as if the virus sleeps over the weekend…but we will see the surge a day or two later when those weekend numbers pile up and get reported).
  • India continues to top the list with 87,382 cases.
  • France continues its rising number of cases with 10,569 cases overnight. Israel is back in the top ten with 4,300 cases.
  • India reported the most deaths at 1,135 yesterday. 
  • Mexico had more deaths reported than Brazil and USA (but I have a feeling this is an under reporting from the part of many countries as it is a weekend and is not a reflection of the true fatality rates there)
  • While Indonesia reported only 105 deaths, it still landed 8th in rank in deaths from COVID-19.