Beckham said his favorite cake that he has made is the lemon drizzle. But this chocolate cake look delicious, too.
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ANCXclusive: David Beckham’s quarantine life consists of baking, gardening—and beekeeping

We chatted with the football superstar, who shared the thoroughly domesticated things that’s been keeping him busy. BY BAM ABELLON
ANCX | Aug 05 2020

It seems like David Beckham is not done filling out his list of achievements.

That’s not surprising, though. It’s hard to imagine the former professional football player and current football club owner just sitting on the couch, even though movements have been restricted all over the world due to COVID-19.  

Beckham and his equally beautiful family are currently living in their countryside home in the United Kingdom, he tells ANCX in an email interview. The interview was part of the life insurance group AIA’s first ever regional online health and wellness event. As AIA’s global ambassador, Beckham opened and closed the live event, which covered mental wellbeing, exercise, activity and rest, nutrition, and personal growth.

The 45-year-old father of four said he and his family have been trying to keep to a regular routine “to help us feel more normal in these strange times.” The always-active Beckhams have naturally included physical activities in this routine, like walking their dogs and running.

David Beckham dons a white beekeeping suit and holds up a sticky board as he tends to his bees. The former footballer has also started making his own beehives.

“Of course, we’ve had the odd kickabout, too, which gets very competitive,” he wrote.

But when they’re not sweating it out in their own games, Beckham and his wife, fashion designer and the Spice formerly known as Posh, Victoria Beckham are busy getting their children though home schooling. Outside of that, the English former player has gotten himself busy with new hobbies.

“My latest hobby is beekeeping,” he said. “I built the hive from a kit I bought online, and then had my first delivery of bees about a month ago. I can’t wait till I can have my own honey on toast!” (Don’t bother checking out bees on Lazada or Shopee, guys. They’re not available there; we checked.)

Another hobby he has taken on more seriously is baking—yes, he’s like us, in some ways.  “I feel like I’ve talked about baking a lot, but I really have gotten into it during lockdown,” he said. “And I’ve definitely improved: the cakes don’t sink in the middle anymore! Lemon drizzle is my personal favorite.” He said he has also been doing a lot of gardening.

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Fun activities aside, the quarantine has been hard on everyone, he wrote. But the jetsetter admitted to have used this time to just soak up the solitude of his home and this new normal.

He said, “I used to travel a lot for work and we live a very fast-paced life. It’s been nice to have this time to slow down and be in one place, but I’m also very eager to get back to normal. One of the things, aside from beekeeping and baking, that I discovered is how everyone has supported each other and how people have been so kind. My family and I are very grateful to the frontline workers who have gone above and beyond. But it’s also the small gestures by neighbors and friends, which have made a huge difference. I hope that sense of community and care for those less able continues even after this pandemic.”