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Our 13 favorite punchlines from yesterday’s elections

We Filipinos have never been short in our ability to turn a less than satisfying situation into a well-written joke. That includes elections—of which some of the said jokes managed to snag a national post. We kid, we kid. So stop crying into your cup of coffee for five seconds and laugh a little.
ANCX Staff | May 14 2019

In the land of Ethel Booba and the professional heckler, national elections can never be soul crushing disappointments—they’re material for the next tweet. Sure, punchlines and memes never actually changed the course of history, or helped anyone in any significant way. (Or have they? Set us straight in the snarling moss pit that is our comments section!) But they do give the Everyday Juan a reason to smile for two seconds in their existential dread-filled 24 hours. And while Manila isn’t Rome, shouldn’t we be allowed to play the fiddle as the world burns around us?

We’re being overly dramatic, but so are a lot of people on social media. Here are some of the best ones we saw online, including a couple from Ms. Gabison herself.

More about humor:


1. Best choice of photo.


2. Eleventh hour shoutout from one of our faves.


3 Dark.


4. Darker.


5. Started bright and hopeful but turned dark very quickly.

6. This precinct was prepared.

7. Version 2 of that caption.

8. But they didn’t let him go that easy.

9. Ethel doesn’t disappoint.

10. Even if she’s overseeing developments in GoT too.

11. The Professional Heckler chimed in.

12. False alarm.

13. Savage.