Instead of diamonds, the “jewelry” of choice was a holographic engagement ring, made by Ernie’s three supportive children.
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Here’s how to make a holographic engagement ring: just in case you want to propose marriage now

Because jewelry is not in the essential items list, and love is more powerful than lockdown. By BAM ABELLON
ANCX | Apr 17 2020

A few days ago, the president of ABS-CBN’s Creative Program’s Inc., Ernie Lopez, proposed marriage to his girlfriend Michelle Arville amidst the enhanced community quarantine.

The gesture proved that love knows no boundaries—even literal boundaries, with checkpoints. But one other thing shared the spotlight with love: the engagement ring. Instead of diamonds, the “jewelry” of choice was a holographic engagement ring, made by Ernie’s three supportive children.

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Now, in case anyone was inspired by the creatively digital proposal—done in a Zoom party, by the way—here are the steps to making your own engagement ring hologram.

All you need are the following: a smartphone, a clear plastic packing box (or if you still have one of those CD cases), a pair of scissors, a ruler, a pencil, a piece of paper, and clear tape (e.g. Scotch tape).

1. If you have a short bond paper, fold it in half, crosswise. On the center of the paper, draw a vertical line from top to bottom.

2. Put one dot on the left side of the line (Dot A) and on the right side of the line (Dot B). Each dot should be 3 cm. away from the line.

3. Using a ruler, connect the dots with a pencil to form a straight line. This will be your base.

4. Find the point where the base and the vertical line meet. This is Point A. Put another dot 3.5 cm. above Point A. This is Point B.

5. Put one dot on the left of Point B (Dot C) and one dot on the right of Point B (Dot D). Each dot should be .5 cm. away from Point B. Connect Dot C and Dot D to form a one-centimeter long straight line. The line should be parallel to the base line.

6. Connect Dot C to Dot A.

7. Connect Dot D to Dot B.

8. You should form a trapezium.

9. Cut out the pattern.

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10. Using the clear tape, stick the pattern to one side of the clear plastic box.

11. Following the shape of the pattern, cut the box. Do this four times.

12. Now that you have four trapezium-shaped plastic figures, tape the four figures together to from a pyramid.

14. If you haven’t yet, download the holographic video of a ring on your phone. Open the video.

15. Put the pyramid at the center of the phone, with the tip as the base. (The pyramid should be upside down.)

16. Turn off the lights, and watch as a holographic image of a floating ring is projected on the plastic pyramid.

17. You may now propose to your special someone. May you get a yes. 


For you reference, you may watch this video created by Open Green Energy.