Ethel Booba, GB Labrador, Jordan Mendoza, and Alex Gonzaga are just a few people that help lift us out of our doldrums.
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10 of the funniest Filipinos we follow online, 2020 edition

From slapstick videos to hilarious social commentary, they got it covered. Here are some of the funniest Pinoys that get us through the day. Charot! BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN
| Apr 01 2020

It’s April Fools and while we don’t have an elaborate prank to pull off—blame the restrictions of social distancing and being on quarantine— we’ve compiled a list of people and social media accounts we’ve come to count on to deliver the laughs. Just like we did last year. And while some people from that list didn’t make it to this year’s (can’t blame them, it’s harder to be funny these days), we found new ones whose humor more often than not—thankfully —matches with ours. We hope you find them matching yours, too.

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Alex Gonzaga

We know, we know. But bear with us on this. Sure, Gonzaga still promotes the tired (and for some, unacceptable) schticks of Pinoy comedy—“nosebleeding” when around intelligent people, making a big fuss about what’s soshaland what’s not—in her wildly popular YouTube channel, but the girl is funny. No one is as quick to the punch as Toni’s sister when it comes to making a fool of herself—or the easily annoyed Gonzaga matriarch, and favorite target-of-pranks, Mommy Pinty. Even those who are lukewarm about Alex couldn’t help but crack a smile when watching one of her over-the-top posturings. And in the middle of all the shits and giggles in her social media, you might even find a healthy discussion or two.

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Davao Conyo

It was only a couple of years ago that Philip Te Hernandez started getting the humongous social media numbers he now normally gets. It all started with a dub he did of Four Sisters and a Wedding, which had him replacing the dramatic dialogue with Davao Conyo, the code switch that toggles between Tagalog and Bisaya and the name Hernandez has adopted as his online persona. Playing on cultural cues and stereotypes, his videos are dynamic, and the material is witty and fast-paced, punctuated hilariously by a well-placed “shuta.”

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GB Labrador

Comedy Manila co-founder and standup comic GB Labrador has been in the biz for around 12 years now, doing shows in different parts of Asia. Labrador is also the first  PH-raised Filipino comedian to participate in Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival. His Twitter posts reflect the kind of comedy that he does: everyday life observations and opinionated humor that never resort to mocking his audience. Think tito jokes that don’t trigger a facepalm reaction. 

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Ethel Booba

As much as there is no exact English translation to Booba’s punctuative “Charot,” there is no real and easy explanation to her sudden skill in slaying political and social demons on Twitter, a proficiency she just became known for in the past half-decade. Her tweets are comedic commentary gold, making both high ranking officials and trolls own up to their words and decisions. And she’s not one to back out from engaging in a back-and-forth when necessary.

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Jordan Mendoza

Time Out once singled out Filipino-American Mendoza as “a New York comedian primed to break big.” The writer, comedian, and filmmaker co-hosts a live show called Drunk Science, where wasted comedians duke it out to present scientific dissertation to real scientists. We especially like his Instagram page, which are filled with such deadpan humor gems like “games we invented for the quarantine,” and “Saturday Night Alone,” all brilliantly, ironically scored.

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how to do a tiktok dance #distancedance

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Tammy David

To David’s Facebook friends, her status updates are the daily dose of whoop ass that can pull them out of any kind of social media muck. Hers is the kind of humor with an edge. Like that of a bully who means well. A photographer and a strategist for an integrated marketing firm, David’s brand of funny catches your attention with its crispness and a booming voice. Nobody covers COVID-19—or any kind of topic-of-the-day for that matter—with as much rigor and hilarious desperation quite like her. Those with self-defined hot takes on her posts be warned: “COMMENTS SECTION CLOSED!”

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Edward Chico

Just like David, lawyer and part-time comedian Chico’s Facebook posts are strongly worded opinions packaged in hilarity. But he isn’t just doing this for laughs, he is trying to help and trying to educate, primarily by explaining the law and its consequences to its readers. Recently, he did an online standup to help fund Save The Children’s efforts for families in need because of COVID-19.

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The Professional Heckler

Loi Reyes Landicho quotes John Stewart in the About Me section of his award-winning blog: “I have great respect for people who are in the front lines and the trenches of trying to enact social change. I am far lazier than that.” But lazy, the blogger is definitely not, as he has spent the better part of a decade making funny, mostly political commentary that are a lot of times in-your-face, sometimes cheeky, and never ever boring.  

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After the photo of House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano’s congress floor sign urging people to stay at home went viral, many online reacted in fiery retaliation. Advertising guy Fabo decided to make his response more creative, creating a series of memes out of the photo, replacing the now famous Manila paper sheet with everything from a wheelchaired Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, to a Santacruzan, to our favorite, an isaw grill.

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Lucky Manzano

Like many of his contemporaries, Manzano’s style is rooted in slapstick and kenkoy physicality—a type of humor that still has a place in this world, however fervently you deny it, dear readers. While his Facebook videos garner thousands of views, it’s his social media accounts—whose curation is inspired probably by America’s Funniest Home Videos—that gets a lot more attention. From people diving and slamming into sand floors to gigantic cockroaches flying into someone’s mouth, the videos can be accused of being uncomplicated and not unsophisticated, but never not funny. 

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Habang hindi makalabas ang iba sa kanilang, learn beatboxing kay @dodong_berta95

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