The Palacio de Memoria will be the setting for this weekend's lectures, screenings and soiree. Photograph by Jilson Tiu
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This weekend, join our modern tertulia in this gorgeously restored pre-war mansion

The first heritage weekend the Palacio is hosting will have talks on heritage conservation and film preservation—in a party setting that harks back to a bygone era.
ANCX Staff | Jul 22 2019

Palacio de Memoria, the beautifully restored Spanish colonial revival mansion inside the Los Tamaraos compound in Pasay, is hosting its first ever heritage weekend dubbed “Tertulia de Memoria” (July 27 and 28). 

One of the highlights of the two-day event is the screening of Peque Gallaga’s modern classicOro, Plata, Mata and Eddie Romero’s grandiose Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon—which will have the seven-storey mansion as a fitting regal backdrop. 

The most iconic scene from Oro, Plata, Mata. Photograph from ABS-CBN Film Restoration on Facebook


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There will also be talks about heritage conservation. Moderated by respected media personality and seasoned journalist Ces Drilon, the invited speakers include playwright and essayist Floy Quintos; multi-faceted heritage and cultural advocate Isidra Reyes; esteemed architect, author and professor Dr. Gerardo Lico; ABS-CBN Film Restoration head Leo Katigbak; Cultural Heritage Studies Program Head of the Ateneo de Manila University, Dr. Fernando N. Zialcita, and Heritage Conservation Society trustee Conrado Alampay.

The restored pre-war Roxas Boulevard estate and gardens will serve as the ideal backdrop and venue for this enriching two-day event that aims to foster a renewed sense of heritage appreciation from attendees.  

Eddie Garcia in Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon? (1976). Photograph from ABS-CBN Film Restoration on Facebook

Harkening to the past, the tertulia, the event format, is a soiree or evening party that has for decades been akin to gatherings of literary, artistic and cultural interchange—way before the advent of social media—that lead to independent thinking and helped launch pivotal movements.

“Our goal is to provide a space where art and mind intersect. The Palacio’s rich history, and our commitment to tell the Filipino cultural narrative is the foundation of our mission at the Palacio. Yes, it may be an event space, but it sets the mise-en-scene for telling our rich history, and the glory of Manila,” says Camille Lhuillier, Marketing Manager of Palacio de Memoria.

View of Front Facade with the port cochére and second floor balcony at the center. Photograph by Jilson Tiu

Key topics to be presented during the forums cover adaptive reuse for buildings, to art and film restoration. The talks will be capped by the special sunset movie screenings of the digitally re-mastered and restored Oro, Plata, Mata (July 27) and Ganito Kami Noon(July 28) courtesy of ABS-CBN Restoration and Cinema One.  

Gallaga’s 1982 masterpiece is a period film set in the milieu of an impending world war, with the insouciant Filipino aristocracy oblivious to the looming danger. National Artist Eddie Romero’s 1976 film, Ganito Kami Noonis also a period piece set in colonial Philippines. It chronicles a young man’s journey into the city which leads to questions of national identity.

The ground floor interior. Photograph by Jilson Tiu

Why is also behind this event? “ANCX is at the forefront of telling the story of the Filipino. Cultural preservation is an advocacy that needs to be told,” notes Paolo M. Pineda, Head, Lifestyle Ecosytem, ABS-CBN. “Our team has spent time – boot camp style – with the heritage society and like-minded individuals to push forward awareness on issues, problems and solutions in relation to preserving our identity.”


Tickets are available at Palacio de Memoria on 95 Roxas Boulevard,, and at selected Ticket World outlets. For information, visit