How to ensure power interruptions don't strain work productivity


Posted at Dec 31 2018 01:37 PM | Updated as of Dec 31 2018 01:39 PM

Power interruptions at home can be a big inconvenience – delaying chores, putting food in danger of spoilage, and making it difficult to relax sans electric fans and air-conditioners.

For businesses, power interruptions can have a worse effect, as it can affect productivity and quality of work.

Power disruptions can similarly trigger frustration and annoyance among customers, leading to the perception of bad customer service. 

One of the most crucial places where power must be continuous is the hospital, given that there are lives depending on machines. 

East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City is a prime example of an institution that heavily relies on dependable energy to provide quality healthcare to Filipinos.

In 2013, East Avenue Medical experienced persistent power fluctuations that threatened to damage new hospital equipment, affecting the work of the employees, and endangering patients' lives.

The hospital then coordinated with Meralco to find the source of the problem and design solutions to ensure continued operation.

Meralco inspected the power system of the hospital, discovered trip coil troubles, and referred an exclusive service provider to address it.

Aside from hospitals, other institutions also recognize the need for expert energy solutions that can help sustain and grow their organization.

San Beda College Alabang took the first steps in being a leading energy efficient school by constantly improving and monitoring the power utilization within the campus. 

To cope with increased demand for power due to the school's growing number of students, San Beda reached out to Meralco to make better use of electricity in the campus and save on energy expenses.

Meralco engineers walked through the school's electrical facilities and recommended ways to effectively manage power use, such as the proper use of equipment, replacement of old air-conditioners to ones equipped with inverters, and switching to LED lights. 

The power quality and energy efficiency solutions provided by Meralco to East Avenue Medical Center and San Beda College helped curb power instabilities and helped lower electrical consumption, solutions which are part of Meralco's "Power Ideas" program to meet the energy needs of their corporate and enterprise customers.

The program can also help businesses maximize the operation of their power and technology through Meralco's innovations like electric vehicles, solar installations, and data connectivity.

The firm's energy experts may also guide organizations in sourcing energy at the most competitive price while ensuring the stability of the power grid with their "energy supply" solutions.

Those interested can consult with a Meralco Relationship Manager through the business hotline 16210, or visit the Power Ideas website to know more about energy solutions.

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